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SUBJECT: Pat Celebrating Roy Haynes’ 91st Birthday Back to Subjects
matt s
Mar 15 2016
at 2:21 PM
Did anyone else catch Roy Haynes’ 91st Birthday at the Blue Note in New York? I saw the early show on Sunday. They opened with James and closed with Question and Answer, two tunes I was hoping to hear them play. The second tune they played wasn’t familiar to me, but it sounded like something Pat would have written based on the chord progression. And I noticed Pat was playing a new guitar custom-made for him by Daniel Slaman. It resembled his usual natural- coloured Ibanez prototype. It sounded great and it sounded like classic Pat, but that’s because it was Pat playing it.
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Apr 02 2016
at 7:14 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s unbelievable what Roy Haynes is doing at 91; just caught some YouTube clips. What a guy.
Mar 21 2016
at 8:16 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw the Saturday night show at 8:30pm. It was kind of what I expected: Pat was a "guest star" for a 91-year-old drummer. I know Haynes is famous, but there’s only so much someone at that age can do. It was easily the shortest set I’ve ever seen Pat play, clocking in at barely an hour, and he was very much reserved. They played a few Pat standards, ending with the highlight which was Question and Answer, including Pat’s classic synth solo. All in all a fun night but I wouldn’t be overly disappointed if you missed it.
Mar 15 2016
at 10:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Matt. ..... saw that he was 91 but didn’t know Pat would be there or playing "James ’ and using a new custom guitar. In any case, you were lucky to be there. I remember Roy’s incredible chops back in 1970 ( I’m old) in the classic ’ Walking in Soace ’. but seeing him in California 10 years ago complaining that the bars closed down too early in town. Love his spirit.
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