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Mar 06 2016
at 2:54 PM
Everything this group does is fascinating. Check this one out. Pay close attention to Charley Hunter’s solo (at 2:25).
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May 12 2016
at 2:28 AM
Bookmark and Share seanfe, I along with my wife and son were also in New Orleans for the recording of Family Dinner Vol 2 ... we attended the final session on Saturday night and all the artist performed, with most of them doing several songs ... it lasted almost 3 hours and I have to say it was one of the best musical experiences I’ve ever had - it was magical ... we have recently seen the "Bill Laurance Project" with Michael League and Sput, than we saw Nate Werth & Sput’s group "Ghost-Note" both shows were great ... also saw Snarky Puppy on April 30 and will see them the end of May ... love their new CD, "Culcha Vulcha" ... between "Family Dinner Vol 2" and "Culcha Vulcha" they will probably win at least 1 grammy or more next year ... anyway love this group ... such a talented group of young musicians and their enthusiasm is obvious when they play and it is very contagious - everyone is in for an enjoyable night at a Snarky Puppy concert ...
May 09 2016
at 10:41 AM
Bookmark and Share They will be playing at the Detroit International Jazz Festival this year Labor Day weekend
May 07 2016
at 4:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry I missed this thread until now. I actually attended the Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume 2 live recording session in New Orleans (Valentines Day 2015). I’m actually in that video right in front of Charlie Hunter. You can see me in the orange shirt helplessly jamming and bobbing my head during his solo. Charlie Hunter actually asked my group to separate our seats a bit so that he could have a clear path for direct eye contact with percussionist Marcelo Woloski. You can see (and feel) their connection during the solo. After the recording, Michael League told me that he actually invited Pat Metheny to be one of the guest artists on Volume 2, but Pat responded that he preferred to do an entire album together rather than just a track. Fingers crossed that that happens. That would be epic. I have written several blog posts on Pat Metheny + Snarky Puppy, the Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume 2 live recording experience from the audience, and even Jacob Collier. I won’t spam this post with the links, but for anyone that would like to learn more, simply Google any of these terms and you’ll probably see my blog listed on Page 1 of the results.
May 04 2016
at 2:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I did catch ‘the warm Puppy breath’, each of their albums is great. Saw them at the North Sea Jazz a few years ago; it’s on my shortlist of best concerts ever. Glad to be able to see them again in Rotterdam next July; two sessions, one with and one without the Metropole Orkest, with whom SP made an excellent album. Antonio Sanchez & Migration will be there that same night, so really looking forward to it. Btw, as for Cory Henry, this might be an interesting clip to Hammond lovers:
May 04 2016
at 12:38 AM
Bookmark and Share tilbanup, Cory’s solo on Lingus from the CD "We Like It Here" is epic, one of the best solo’s I’ve ever heard and to watch it on the DVD is even more amazing ... that’s Shaun Martin, one of the other keyboard players who appears to be just as blown away as everyone else ... just saw Snarky Puppy in Atlanta this past weekend and they were incredible ... they are so tight ... they played some cuts from their latest CD, Culcha Vulcha, and I think the new material added to their enthusiasm and man did they sound great ... if there’s a better group out there I’d love to hear them ... ... so if you have the chance to see SP by all means go ...
May 02 2016
at 9:38 PM
Bookmark and Share How about Corey Henry’s solo on Lingus and the reaction of a fellow band member. Anybody going to the North Sea Jazz Festival will be able to see both Pat and Snarky Puppy this year!
Apr 01 2016
at 3:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, is amazing how high-level performance art can bring forth so much impact from a very simple material. I cannot stop listening to Somebody Home and have been doing so for more than a week now. What a gift!
Mar 24 2016
at 1:37 AM
Bookmark and Share shockandwoe, agreee the David Crosby song, "Somebody Home" and Laura Mvula’s sonf "Sing to the Moon" are favorites and tastefully done ... the Knower tune, "I Remember" really cooks - this song along with the Jacob Collier song, "Don’t You Know" really push the musicians ... the Becca Stevens pieces, "I Asked & Be Still" are excellent ... ... Love Bill Laurance’s latest release, "Aftersun" - he’s a great upcoming keyboard player ... pretty much all the side projects by the Pups are very very good - a bright future for all these musicians ...
Mar 23 2016
at 1:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Somebody Home with David Crosby and Sing to the Moon with Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis are my favorites. Both are on youtube. Wow!
Mar 18 2016
at 12:12 PM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t yet caught the warm puppy breath of the Puppies yet, still waiting to click. Need to listen more. However I am completely hooked on Bill Laurance’s new release Aftersun! Talk about thick grooves. I’m hearing a lot of old mid late seventies herbie. Between this and Logan Richarson’s release there seems to be a real resurgence in that seventies Rhodes piano groove. Loving it! The Pines just puts a smile on your face from start to finish. Going to see him in Boston at Berklee next Friday. Tiny recital hall for 150 folks. Should be fun!?
Mar 17 2016
at 1:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah, the pups are definitely amazing. And I’ve heard Charlie Hunter many times, but this video is the first time I’ve actually seen him do his thing. I mean playing solo guitar and being your own bass player? How does he do that? Split his brain into four parts, or what ? Cause he’s got both hands doing both things between the strings and the fretboard. What the.....?
Mar 16 2016
at 1:12 AM
Bookmark and Share foper, couldn’t agree more with you ... you should check out the video from the Family Dinner Vol 2 with Jacob Collier ... this group is truly amazing ... after watching the Family Dinner Vol 2 DVD you can sense the energy that was in the room at the recording session ... the Pups are probably the hottest group/artist out there ...
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