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SUBJECT: Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny Back to Subjects
Feb 13 2016
at 3:43 AM
Just reading on Cuong Vu’s Facebook page about this album due in the next month or so. I’m really looking forward to hearing this, having heard his trio, it has lots of potential.
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Sep 29 2016
at 10:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I love Pat’s shimmering guitar sound on "Let’s Get Back".
Sep 13 2016
at 9:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, it is quite the album. Love it. Listen to "Telescope".
Jun 23 2016
at 10:00 AM
Bookmark and Share The more I hear it, the more I like it!!
Jun 02 2016
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I enjoy the release very much. It is strong, playful and adventurous.
May 27 2016
at 6:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank likes it a lot
May 23 2016
at 10:44 AM
Bookmark and Share After a few plays, I finally had the chance to really give the CD a listen. I’ll call it conversations with Cuong. Ok, I stole that one from Christian McBride. But what I heard was Cuong and Pat talking to each other. Not like in a "Battle of the Bands" It was a true conversation of phrases with crackling energy, heart, and a back and forth that I found both mesmerizing and intense. We are so fortunate to be around to follow Pat on his always changing musical journey. I can’t wait to hear what will be next!!
May 17 2016
at 8:37 AM
Bookmark and Share did I say I like it a lot ?
May 14 2016
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Have heard great things about this... can’t wait to get it.
May 13 2016
at 9:01 AM
Bookmark and Share I just got this yesterday and have listened to the album through twice. I like it a lot , I enjoyed reading the liner notes from both Cuong and Pat . The record really does have the feel of "Pat meets Cuong". I like it a lot it, has an experimental fusion feel to it. If you like this I suggest Cuong’s album "It’s Mostly Residual" , which he recorded with Bill Frisell
May 11 2016
at 11:59 AM
Bookmark and Share TerryHickmott: I agree with you. I would say most of the CD is challenging - a little too "out there" for my taste. There are a few songs that I like a lot, and even the more challenging ones have become more enjoyable over time. I know there are many sides to Pat, and some I prefer more than others. Wondering what others think?
May 10 2016
at 7:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Even though the tunes from this recording keep playing in my mind non-stop, and I often find myself whistling these songs, it hasn’t made it’s way into my desert island collection :).
May 09 2016
at 2:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I was actually expecting it to be more challenging! I’ve only listened to it twice so far but I found it pretty accessible compared to some other things by Cuong Vu. I really like it though, some great atmospheres and as always I love Pats choices of guitar sounds.
May 06 2016
at 11:41 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve received my CD today here in the UK. All I can say is that the music is ’challenging’. I’m looking forward to other opinions.
Apr 01 2016
at 11:35 PM
Bookmark and Share ITunes has one song from this coming release available to listen to. Let’s Get Back.
Apr 01 2016
at 11:24 PM
Bookmark and Share The Vu release should be good. Check out Logan Richardson Shift. Metheny is the band’s guitarist. It’s gotta nice vibe.
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