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Feb 03 2016
at 4:22 PM
Just listened again to Michael Brecker’s final gift to us, Pilgrimage. While everyone involved was brilliant, I could not get over Pat’s contribution to the project. Whether he is doubling Mike’s lines, harmonizing with him, countering, or comping, he offers such support. His generosity as a collaborator is phenomenal. As further evidence of this side of Pat’s abilities witness how he ’supports’ Jim Hall, Abby Lincoln, and others. He helps by providing an environment so they can all shine the brighter while he shares the stage. His awareness of how to enrich any musical situation should not be taken to granted. It seems his ego is always subservient to the music. Wow, as a fellow musician I am constantly humbled by Pat’s sensitivity to his band/studio mates. Thanks again Pat for showing how it can/should be!
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Feb 04 2016
at 9:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat so graciously signed my then 10-yr old son’s copy of the Imaginary Day cd shortly after a PMG gig in Saratoga CA in 1998, and even posed for photos together with his wife. After which we saw them hop into a golf cart and drive down the hill into the darkness. What a guy! I probably should not have imposed that on him but he just seemed not to mind at the time so I went ahead anyway. I showed those photos to my son this past Christmas holidays and he was so happy to see them again. He now plays guitar in a band when he finds time to hang out with his old high school buddies. Thanks Pat!
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