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SUBJECT: Pat's new group in United States???? Back to Subjects
Jan 30 2016
at 3:30 PM
I am happy to see that some dates have been announced for this new quartet. I hope that after they do these initial concerts, they will schedule some in the US. Anyone with any info about dates on the West Coast -please share!
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matt s
May 02 2016
at 2:02 PM
Bookmark and Share It looks like this group will be playing in the States in September, January and February, and then in Europe again later next year. It looks like this will be one of Pat’s biggest tours in a very long time.
Apr 19 2016
at 4:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Hopefully, they will continue to schedule more... I could go visit my sister-in-law and family in Denver.... just a thought.
Apr 19 2016
at 9:36 AM
Bookmark and Share note that there are now 2 US dates added for the quartet, see the schedule tab
Feb 18 2016
at 3:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Agreed! The pianist Gwilym Simcock is a marvel and perfect choice for Pat’s vibe! I’ve heard him play with friend Adam Nussbaum’s "The Impossible Gentleman" - Pat! TKA, Book some US dates with this band PLEASE!! Loyal since 1977’s van tour. Toddvg.
Feb 12 2016
at 9:11 AM
Bookmark and Share check out the home page where Pat has an anouncment on the new tour and group. My gruess is that there will be more dates coming.
Feb 11 2016
at 8:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Mugsy, I’m with you on the west coast appearance. !!! California in particular. But, I’m happy that Pat had a solid break after 40 years to spend with his family. And, really, it’s helped me focus on all the amazing albums he has created. Looking forward to seeing Pat in person., tho. !
Feb 04 2016
at 8:30 AM
Bookmark and Share It looks like a pilgrimage to Bethlehem might be in order. Hman 2:6 "And then there were magic swirling sounds from his guitar".
Feb 01 2016
at 11:03 AM
Bookmark and Share good to see that Pat is doing more duets with Ron Carter. His performence with Ron at the Detroit jazzfest was highly recieved. 2 of those are in the US (east coast though).
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