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Jan 11 2016
at 2:39 AM
Very saddened to report news from UK that David Bowie has died at age 69 after 18 month battle with cancer. Like Pat, a unique innovator who leaves behind an amazing legacy of recorded work. This is not America a "desert island disc" for me.
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Feb 19 2016
at 8:45 AM
Bookmark and Share anyone see LadyGaGa’s tribute at the Grammys ?
Jan 14 2016
at 5:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Very saddened and shocked to hear of David’s untimely death. Even more depressing to know it was from cancer and such a painful way to go. I was a big fan mostly in the 70s. I was only lucky enough to see him perform once, at the live recording from The Tower Theatre in 74 . My best memories are of the elaborate stage and costumes he wore, the tight band he had and the freakiest freaks I had ever seen in the audience, much like the Rocky Horror show I saw a few years later.I sat in the last row up on top of my seat and looked over the crowd going crazy with each song and was spellbound by the entire experience. he was an amazing persona in many ways and will be very missed RIP DB
Jan 12 2016
at 10:46 AM
Bookmark and Share RIP ... Why so young?
Tom Rudd
Jan 11 2016
at 9:40 AM
Bookmark and Share RIP Mr Bowie, You were a legend in your own time and a true musical Icon in every sense of the word. I am very glad I got to see you perform live 3 times. Each time you took my breath away. There are no words that can express your immense talent.
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