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SUBJECT: New quartet at Ronnie Scotts Back to Subjects
Jan 03 2016
at 3:55 PM
Not sure if Pat has ever played there before but he is there 29 June to 2nd July. No tickets on sale yet and when they are they will go to members first so doubt there will be any left for general sale!
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Jan 18 2016
at 8:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Got my tickets!!!Gonna be an expensive trip but a once in a lifetime experience!Watching Pat in concert from only a few feet away, amongst about only 200 other people...nervous already!
Jan 18 2016
at 6:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Tickets are now onsale to non members!
Jan 08 2016
at 6:09 PM
Bookmark and Share That’ll sell out ultra fast, my word. Fantastic.
Jan 05 2016
at 7:02 AM
Bookmark and Share I suspect there will be one or two other dates elsewhere in the UK. Gwilym Simcock often plays in the Northwest so I’m hoping Manchester or maybe Liverpool, has Pat ever played in Liverpool?
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