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Dec 23 2015
at 11:04 PM
Just want to wish ALL those who Love Pat’s music and his generosity toward his fans, a very Happy Holiday Season. Be kind to each other and enjoy the Music! Also, thank you to Pat and his family for sharing their time with us. At the risk of not being PC ... Merry Christmas Pat and may 2016 bring us appreciation of one another!
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Dec 28 2015
at 5:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Just passing the darkest time of the year here in Tromsø, with only a month till the sun appears again. Hope you enjoy the season as well as I do, listening to the music we all love :-)
Dec 26 2015
at 8:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Looking forward to what the New Year holds - perhaps, even better than a visit from Santa, a visit from Pat - if we’re good?
Dec 24 2015
at 12:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks imeubu! Let me hop on the bandwagon and say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
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