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Dec 21 2015
at 10:24 AM
Happy holidays fellow Garagers! I recently stumbled upon a radio rebroadcast of Pat with Michael Brecker, Larry Goldings and Bill Stewart from 2000. It was recorded in Austria and is mostly music from Mike’s solo work with Pat done live in studio. But there’s a version of Into the Dream that morphs into Goin Ahead done as a duo and then quartet that is phenomenal. Of all the different combos Pat’s been in, I never had a chance to see Pat with Mike together, besides the Shadow and Light tour. But this is the next best thing. I feel like I’ve received an early Christmas present !
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Dec 23 2015
at 4:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi HAMBONE, I think it was in 2003 when Pat led a band for the so called "Jazzbaltica Project" or something like that, for the Jazz Festival in north Germany. The band included among others, Esbjorn Svenson, Nils Landgren and Michael Brecker. It had a quite a few moments of mindblowing music from all of them Pat included, of course. If you can check it out, I think you won’t be disappointed.
Dec 23 2015
at 8:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds great! I love Pat with Michael!
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