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Jul 06 2011
at 8:01 PM
checked out some really cool and informing documentaries, on netflix one was INTANGIBLE ASSET NO. 82, about this australian jazz drummer and the korean shaman drummmer, and the other one was A BOOKSHELF ON TOP OF THE SKY, on john zorn, really good stuff!!!!
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Jul 16 2011
at 12:36 PM
Bookmark and Share the sherman brothers documentarie is great, zippa dee doo dahh, and how the one brother talked about his WWII experiecnces, and the music they went on to make in spite of all the hardships they had seen or experienced.
Jul 15 2011
at 12:08 PM
Bookmark and Share I just recently watched The Sherman Brothers. Fascinating story about the two brothers who wrote the music for among other things, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Its’ a small world, etc. These two brothers were very different in many ways and the documentary explores the reasons why. I would highly recommend it.
Jul 14 2011
at 6:19 PM
Bookmark and Share the theremin documentarie was fascinating, and i have seen portions of the other one mentioned on cable, about the deaf lady percussionist, of course shes not deaf she just reassigned her ears to the vibrations in her whole body wich is close to real hearing
Mark X
Jul 12 2011
at 9:46 AM
Bookmark and Share One of my all-time favorite music docs is "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey," which chronicles the bizarre life of Leon Theremin, inventor of the first electronic synthesizer which later became famous in 50s sci-fi soundtracks and "Good Vibrations." The music history alone is fascinating, but what really sets this film apart is Theremin’s incredible personal story. He was abducted by Soviet agents in the mid-30s and spent the next 50 years creating surveillance devices for the KGB. The film chronicles his return to America and his reunion with family and friends. It’s an amazing and touching story that also happens to have some very cool music.
Jul 11 2011
at 7:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Fabulous documentary movie, Fred (if this is the one with Fred Frith and I guess it is). Evelyn is a marvel. A couple of years ago I saw her perform together with Trilok Gurtu at a percussion festival in Holland. Very exciting to see these two stars (Evelyn being deaf) interact.
Jul 11 2011
at 1:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie
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