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Jul 05 2011
at 12:57 PM
It will be interesting to hear Pat play the songs from WIAA with Larry accompanying him on bass. I will be seeing them twice in September...can’t wait!
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Aug 31 2011
at 2:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Think there’s some very interesting dates in there... can’t remember Pat playing Athens before, let alone Skopje, Zagreb and in Bulgaria. Five Polish dates too. That’s called spreading the good vibes. Cool.
Tom Rudd
Aug 30 2011
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share The newly mentioned dates on he home page are in addition to the tour dates already posted?
Aug 28 2011
at 4:33 AM
Bookmark and Share I´d think the German venues are closest to you, but I would prefer the Italian ones. Would love to witness Pat performing in Italy.
Aug 27 2011
at 6:08 PM
Bookmark and Share thinking of a quick trip to catch the trio on mainland Europe (I’m in the UK). Anyone have any tips about venues?
Aug 25 2011
at 11:38 PM
Bookmark and Share looking forward to a great week in Sept. PM & LG on the 23rd with a nice little warm up Herbie Hancock and Vinnie Colaiuta on the 18th......yep I’m excited......
Aug 23 2011
at 5:01 PM
Bookmark and Share This morning at the bus stop: "hey, just saw WWE Raw! on Monday night - beats Pat!". I had to laugh. "At least the wrestlers come to Edmonton!!!" I had to cry. Enjoy Bellingham - inching closer.
Jul 14 2011
at 8:14 AM
Bookmark and Share pat and larry, if you are reading this, thanks so much for coming to texas. we in texas love you and your music!
Jul 09 2011
at 12:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Im going, than after the show we see, were going to hop on as a subatomic particle and check out everyshow of the tour!
Jul 08 2011
at 8:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I will be going at least once and hoping for more.
Jul 06 2011
at 6:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat inching closer to Bellingham? It just happens I’m on a first name basis with the Director of Mount Baker Theater and the Dean of the College of Fine and Performing Arts in Bellingham. The University and the Theater have excellent facilities and I’d be happy to put a word in. ;-) And Pat would be most welcome to stay at my pad (lol).
Jul 06 2011
at 4:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I see the tour is inching closer to the Canadian border - Bellingham being almost on it. Wish Edmonton was on that tour. Christian McBride just played here for the jazz festival. Edmonton has the population, the economic wealth (you know - those oil sands), multiple arts festivals, a jazz program where they teach guitar at a local university and a great venue (Winspear) with excellent acoustics that has open dates prior to the Washington tour dates. There, I have made my case. And the Canadian dollar is on par. Perhaps it’s the long drive up.
Jul 06 2011
at 11:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Again,no dates for Floriduh.What up wit dat?
Jul 06 2011
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Enjoy you guys. I guess no Metheny for us in Holland this year. We still have the records, lol.
Jul 05 2011
at 11:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey mugsy I get to see Pat and Larry twice in September also. Really looking forward to it.
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