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Dec 15 2015
at 9:44 AM
Very pleased and excited to see that Pat is playing with pianist Gwilym Simock, bassist Linda Oh and Antonio Sanchez in Norway (and presumably elsewhere in Europe) next year. Am a big admirer of Gwilym Simcock through his solo work and in The Impossible Gentlemen. Should be fascinating to see them play together!
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Dec 22 2015
at 5:41 PM
Bookmark and Share This sounds great... GS is outstanding. Interesting
Dec 16 2015
at 7:57 PM
Bookmark and Share This is very interesting particularly when you consider this quote from Simcock from 2006, written for London’s The Telegraph and found online: Gwilym Simcock, jazz pianist, on the Pat Metheny Group at Hammersmith Apollo, 2005 "I have never been into the Pat Metheny Group that much, but my girlfriend is a massive fan and she bought us tickets. It was really heartening to see a jazz gig with 3,000 people in the audience. It was a seven-piece band and they all play loads of different instruments. And Lyle Mays has all his synths, of course. Remember the Fast Show guy who’s a little bit weeeerrrr, a little bit wooooaaaar? Lyle looked like that. White shirt, black trousers, white trainers. And you had to wear sunglasses to look at Metheny’s teeth, even from the back row. But it doesn’t matter. They played for three hours, epic tune after epic tune: melodic, orchestral, amazing." Interesting.
Dec 16 2015
at 8:11 AM
Bookmark and Share check this out
Dec 15 2015
at 11:23 AM
Bookmark and Share This is the first I’ve heard of this. I hope we get to hear this group in the U.S., either through performance or recording!
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