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Jun 28 2011
at 2:05 PM
What tunes would you love to hear Pat present next with the Orchestrion? I would absolutely LOVE to hear It’s For You. That tune digs up emotions of nostalgia, peace, and happiness that I’ve never even felt.
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Jul 13 2011
at 12:55 AM
Bookmark and Share "Tell Her You Saw Me" -- one more time.
Jul 08 2011
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I just want more Orchestrion in any way, shape or form. Or whatever other surprise Metheny has in store for us. (who could have predicted the last two?)
Jul 05 2011
at 11:53 AM
Bookmark and Share The Fields, The Sky or Yolanda You Learn
Jun 30 2011
at 8:30 PM
Bookmark and Share couldn’t agree more...Its for You would be under appreciated classic! What a great idea!!
Jun 30 2011
at 3:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian has a good point. I think those two Orchestrion ballads would translate well into the group setting. ’Its For You’, I think this chart has turned alot of people on to PMG. I just think you need a true human voice that Nana V. had, that most human urgency timbres, to pull it off. That intro guitar sound and Lyle’s synth, oh my, that is so so part of the chart.
Jun 29 2011
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Antonia worked really well of the existing PM stuff I thought. But to be honest I think the Orchestrion music works best written specifically for that medium. I’ve come to love that CD, after a long period of not particularly loving it but I think the compositions and the way they came about are very much relevant to the orchestrion. I’d like to put the question the other way round and ask what Orch songs would work well for the group. For me that’s easy: the two ’ballads’ and Spirit of the Air. The highlight of the CD for me is the fantastic guitar solo, chord sequence, and rhythm section arrangement from Extensions... sublime (and amazing live).
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