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SUBJECT: Semi-OT AAJ Review: Jøkleba, Jøkleba! / nu jøk? Back to Subjects
Jun 26 2011
at 5:57 AM
A review of the long overdue, expanded reissue of Jøkleba! / nu jøk?, by Jøkleba, today at All About Jazz. For ECM fans - and for Norwegian fans that knew this group in the 1990s, or were lucky enough to see its one-time reunion gig at Vossa Jazz earlier this year, the names Per Jørgensen, Audun Kleive and Jon Balke need no introduction. Each has been on a number of recordings for the German label. For Jørgensen it’s the trumpeter/percussionist/vocalist’s collaboration with percussionist Markku Ounaskari and pianist Samuli Mikkonen, on 2010’s gorgeous Kuára: Psalms and Folk Songs (review here: ), though he’s also a part of Balke’s longstanding Magentic North Orchestra, last heard on 2004’s Diverted Travels (review here: ). Kleive was a longstanding member of guitar god Terje Rypdal’s Chasers band of the 1980s/90s, though he’s also been heard more recently on albums including trumpeter Mathias Eick’s 2008 debut, The Door (review here: ). He’s also performed, on occasion and in Norway, with Pat Metheny over the years. Balke, in addition to MNO, was also on The Door and his own Siwan (review here: ), one of 2009’s most ambitious records. Together as Jøkleba, they were largely an all-improv trio, but one that was focused on creating a sense of form, even as they drew it from the ether, and Jøkleba! / nu jøk? brings the trio’s long out of print debut, from the early ’90s back into print, along with the bonus disc (nu jøk?) that demonstrates their ability at skewing music by The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others into their own inimitable style. Absolutely essential stuff. Review here:
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