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SUBJECT: Strangeness concerning Youtube from Secret Story era Back to Subjects
Dec 06 2015
at 6:13 PM
At the following link Pat appears with Armando Marcal and Steve Rodby on Regis and Kathy Lee, the day after Secret Story was released: He is supposed to be playing "Rain River," a tune I know well, and heard him play live. But to my ears, when he begins playing it, he is really playing the chord structure of "Have You Heard." It’s like a slightly chill, extended version of his solo from that song, with percussion similar to what might have been expected for "Rain River." After a break, he comes back and plays pretty much the same thing again--though, just near the end, he’s indeed playing a little snatch of "Rain River." Some in the YouTube discussion say he’s just "improvising," and it’s RR, but I tell ya this is a perfect fit for "Have You Heard," which had been released on "Letter from Home" fairly recently. Am I crazy?
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Dec 19 2015
at 1:19 PM
Bookmark and Share He’s actually playing a minor blues (with modulations every (or every other) 12 bars, in the same key as Rain River, with a similar bass and percussion feel. The only similarity it has with Have You Heard is they are both minor blues. He chose the blues form because that is the easiest thing to play in such an environment - with limited musicians, in a tv studio where your time slot is unknown. It’s very similar to Rain River, and he even touches on the melody at the end, and vamps out after that. A simple, yet effective formula for presenting the music from the album (somewhat closely) without all the pressure of ’the arrangement on the album’. another great insight into the mind of Metheny. There was another video from the same promo, with a very similar presentation.
Dec 11 2015
at 8:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I could see Regis really diggin’ it and saying "Pat Metheny’s out of control !!!"
Dec 10 2015
at 2:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Matt S, I totally agree with you. As you’ve said, Matt, there are similarities between the two tunes that allowed him to keep that feel, but for some reason at the last moment he may have felt it wiser to do something a little easier for a trio. Maybe there was someone else from the band not able to make it. It’s interesting to me that nobody in the response section picked up on this. I’m not musically educated by I can hear chord structures, and often recognize standards when the main theme hasn’t yet been introduced. I’m certain this one is really the slightly earlier song.
matt s
Dec 08 2015
at 11:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I noticed that too. Yes, he is playing part of the solo form from Have You Heard there. Pat probably figured that without everything else going on the Rain River solo progression wouldn’t work as well. The two tunes have a very similar feel at the core that combining the two works very well.
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