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SUBJECT: Revisiting Orchestrion Back to Subjects
Nov 26 2015
at 9:17 AM
Orchestrion and the Projects CD continue to inspire me. Might we see some more? I imagine there might be additional compositions that haven’t been set free, maybe even additional instruments. A man can dream.
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Dec 22 2015
at 5:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Orchestrion split opinion among some people I know who like Pat’s thing. Some people seemed to think it was ’going too far’. I just don’t think they got it. It was magical to look at, magical to hear. Pat just... liked it. He says himself he didn’t know quite why. Now, here’s a strange thing. There’s a guy from Mexico called Pedro Reyes who has made instruments that seem to work on the same principle as the Orchestrion. But the instruments are all made out of guns and ammunition belts captured by the Mexican government from drug cartels. It’s called Disarm - it’s an art installation but it plays itself in the manner of Orch with bass, marimbas, xylophones etc. It’s remarkable and right now it’s in the UK at the Turner gallery in Margate. I could imagine Pat in the middle playing a solo and grinning.
Dec 17 2015
at 4:10 PM
Bookmark and Share He did integrate some of the Orchestrion instruments on Kin. I would expect more of it in the future.
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