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SUBJECT: PM Trio touring again!!! Back to Subjects
Feb 16 2011
at 5:15 PM
I damn near fell off the chair when I read on the main page that the 99>00 Trio is touring Europe this fall. Hey Pat if you’re reading this, tour stateside too? Please? Pretty please???
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Mar 07 2011
at 4:46 PM
Bookmark and Share METHenyaddicted-If you’re as hooked as I am,there’s no intervention that will work.
Mar 06 2011
at 7:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m on a drug and it’s called ’Pat Metheny music’. I see this ’window’ re: the new tour that is open during summer. I am so hoping for a couple of gigs in western North America. (smiley face) Is that a broad enough range? San Fran, Seattle. Is there going to be a new ’trio’ cd.
Mar 04 2011
at 5:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I fancy a road trip to Germany if the tour doesn’t make it to the UK.
Mar 03 2011
at 5:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Union Chapel in Highbury if he comes to London. Would be one of the most atmospheric places Pat would ever have played. Cheers John.
Mar 03 2011
at 5:27 AM
Bookmark and Share PM at the top of his game...
Mar 02 2011
at 7:05 PM
Bookmark and Share That’s great news...just please include The Beacon Theatre in New York.
Mar 02 2011
at 6:22 PM
Bookmark and Share we remember the trio at one concert man did they do some incredible stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26 2011
at 9:10 AM
Bookmark and Share Hope you slot in a date at the Barbican.
Feb 24 2011
at 2:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info Tom.Oh well!I guess since the show in Davie is sold out,I’ll have to crank it up at home.Pat,my invitation is still open.PLEASE COME TO TAMPA(I’m on my knees begging !!!).
Tom Rudd
Feb 24 2011
at 10:03 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be in FT lauderdale the same time as the Trio show in Davie. Got all excited about that went to check for tix, and it is sold out.....major bummer. :-(
Feb 24 2011
at 8:36 AM
Bookmark and Share "wright"-Yep,I saw those shows on the tour schedule.The Tallahassee show is about 5 hours away.The Davie show is 3 hours away.I have a better chance of seeing the Davie show because I’ll have a long weekend that week.We’ll see!
Feb 23 2011
at 9:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Hman, Davie March l9th or Tallahassee March 21st. That close enough?
Feb 23 2011
at 6:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Pat, We sure would love to have you back in san Diego Pat. Spreckles theatre would be wonderful or Escondido would also be terrific. Sea you soon I hope:) Take Care Bob C.
Feb 19 2011
at 6:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat: Have you forgot about BRAZIL? When will you come? We are waiting and counting the hours for your arrival. Best wishes, Chic√£o Paulista
Feb 18 2011
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Pat, If you do go stateside with this tour,would you please come to Tampa or Clearwater? Come on down,y’all can stay at my house.And if you want to jam all night in my living room,that would be really cool.I’ll bring in some Cuban food for everybody and the next day y’all can sleep in,unless you have somewhere else to go.I don’t know the business side of all this,but I’d be a good host.Whadaya say?
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