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Feb 07 2011
at 3:01 PM
What music are you listening to now?
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Apr 24 2017
at 7:29 AM
Bookmark and Share ’cuong vu trio meets pat metheny’ . . . . i fear that this record is getting ’lost in the shuffle’ . . . . it’s surely and purely an incredible musical & spiritual experience, and i just wanted to give it a ’shout-out’. nobody seems to be talking about it that much, and as we all know, even without pat’s glorious participation, cuong & his guys are, and have been for quite a spell, blazing new trails on a daily basis. ~ have also been revisiting the ’light as a feather’ record by chick corea and the first incarnation of the ’return to forever’ aggregation. what game shall we play today, indeed!
Apr 03 2017
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Kurt Rosenwinkel - Caipi. Brazilian feel, Metheny-ese synth guitar. Interesting release.
Apr 02 2017
at 2:22 PM
Bookmark and Share molesoulsandal--I think I was familiar with this album back in the day when I did some late night record spinning at an NPR station. Back when you could really mix it up. I’ll have to check it out again on itunes. I think I got Eddie into my bloodstream in a big way listening to the Steps Ahead (album) back in 1983-84. My musical vocabulary isn’t very good but I think his playing in unison (say, with the piano bass line) during certain parts of songs and then going in unpredictable directions has a dramatic effect that I really like. He vastly opens up the writing possibilities for everyone he plays with. The guy is a true original and there’s never any doubt who is playing when you hear him!
Apr 02 2017
at 6:53 AM
Bookmark and Share there’s a wonderfully transcendent album by the pianist/composer mike nock, on ECM, from 1981 called ’ondas’, which is a trio format featuring drummer john christensen and the terrific eddie gomez on bass. this might be the greatest record that nobody’s ever heard - laugh out loud! at any rate, gomez’ playing on this album is just about as ’light-filled’ as it gets, and everyone that i know who has heard this set agrees that no other bassist could have brought to this project what eddie gomez did. of course, that could be said about so many of the records that have featured eddie. if you’ve not heard this particular album, try to check it out - it’s quite special.
Apr 01 2017
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share "Green Room" from Batik, Ralph Towner. Eddie Gomez was so perfect for this song. Eddie could really wend his way in between the weird, dark, wonderful melodic twists that are so much the signature sound of Ralph’s musical soul. Everyone’s playing on this tune is amazing (DeJohnette) but you can just listen to Gomez’s intricate bass lines as a kind of light showing the way forward in this amazing song. 1978, and this stands up to the test of time in every way.
Apr 01 2017
at 11:18 AM
Bookmark and Share "As I Am" from Quartet. How is it possible that piano and guitar could so perfectly complement each other? These guys, Lyle and Pat, finding each other was some kind of musical miracle. Not to mention this gorgeous song, like a 5 minute goosebump.
Mar 05 2017
at 5:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Just listening to Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden during dinner last night. Very special album, a great deal of emotion in the music, and roominess to experience your reactions and expanding spirit. Lately, in my head I’m hearing "This is Not America" from "Falcon and the Snowman." Who would have thought.
Mar 04 2017
at 3:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Old Locks and Irregular Verbs-Henry Threadgill Ensemble-
Chris Digger
Feb 27 2017
at 7:13 AM
Bookmark and Share JACOB KARLZON - NOW: Awesome Piano-Trio with intelligent use of digital effects. W/Dan Berglund on double bass from the late EST.
Feb 23 2017
at 8:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Kurt Rosenwinkel with Redman, Mehldau, Grenadier, and Jackson at Jazz a Vienne (2004). They play User of Light and The Next Step. The best 27 mins I have spent online in a while.
Feb 22 2017
at 12:56 PM
Bookmark and Share In respect to Larry Coryell, everything I own that he plays on...
Feb 22 2017
at 10:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m really excited about the Kurt Rosenwinkle release. I pre-ordered it and got the bonus track which sounds great. A lot different from his previous stuff. Unfortunately it isn’t being released in the US till March 10. I’m looking forward to Christian Scott’s new release too.
Feb 18 2017
at 1:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Kurt Rosenwinkel CAIPI Kurt has been a guitar professor in Berlin for some years playing with Brian Blade, and others. Now on CAIPI he almost plays all the instruments himself with the help of Amanda Brecker daughter of Eliane Elias & Randy Brecker and Eric Clapton. His live band includes German pianist Olivia Trummer and multi-instrumentalists- vocalist Pedro Martins. It is like hearing the Pat Metheny Group with Pedro Aznar. The band will paly in New York’s Birdland in March.
Feb 14 2017
at 12:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Paul Wertico Trio - Another Side with John Moulder on guitar and Brian Peters on bass really , really good music
Feb 12 2017
at 6:55 AM
Bookmark and Share indeed - paul wertico was beyond incredible w/PMG . . . having 3 great drummers in danny gottlieb, PW, and the incomparable antonio has been such a blessing for the group. you don’t often hear too much said about paul’s impact on the band, but it was there, and for 17 years! i saw him many, many times and he was always happening. one of my favorite paul wertico quotes is: ’ . . i try to dream as i play . . .’ ~ there’s probably only one drummer on the planet that could ’follow’ wertico, and that’s antonio. what a group.
Feb 11 2017
at 10:30 AM
Bookmark and Share "Yolanda, You Learn". This one was really Paul Wertico’s. Listening to his energetic, complex, highly original drumming on this song, you realize that that energy really gives this tune its identity. It’s hard to overestimate what he brought to the PMG in its heyday.
Feb 04 2017
at 7:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Knifeworld - High/Aflame, Don’t Land On Me
Feb 01 2017
at 9:55 PM
Bookmark and Share The Ahn Trio, they do a cover of "This is Not America". I like it a lot !
Jan 31 2017
at 9:54 PM
Bookmark and Share I have fallen madly in love with a Japanese band called Fox Capture Plan...very similar to Hiromi but with a little "new wave" thrown in. Hard to explain. Kait Dunton’s TRIOKait, The Storyboard - their "Hello" album is heavily influenced by late 70s/Early 80s PMG, Also some of Stanley Clarke’s recent fusion albums and Billy Cobham’s "Drum and Voice" albums.
mario toni
Jan 28 2017
at 3:08 PM
Bookmark and Share John Abercrombie Quartet "Up & Coming"!
Jan 27 2017
at 3:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Mary Halvorson & Sylvie Courviosier - Crop Circles - Guitar & Piano duets - Beautiful !!
Jan 24 2017
at 4:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Been listening to "Brand New Day", by Sting, "Ain’t Nuttin’ Stopping Us Now" by Tower of Power, "Beginnings" by Chicago, "Better Days Ahead" by PMG, "Come Together" by the Beatles, "Destiny" by Lenny Kravitz, "Feelin’ Stronger Everyday" by Chicago, "Freedomland" by the Yellowjackets, "Hallelujah" by Sara Gazarek, "Thank You" by Sly and the Family Stone, "Happy Days Are Here Again" by Barbara Streisand ... just some of the songs on a playlist just created - just seems appropriate ... Ah Right, Ah Right Ah Right ...
Tyler Durden
Jan 21 2017
at 7:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Holly Bowling’s amazing solo piano videos on YouTube.
Jan 20 2017
at 6:22 AM
Bookmark and Share "Pigs" - from the album "Animals" (1977) by Pink Floyd - HEY YOU, WHITE HOUSE, HA HA, CHARADE YOU ARE!
Jan 12 2017
at 7:47 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m listening to the entire PM collection. Going to the show on January 20th so I need to revisit all material from Kin to Bright Size Life.
Jan 10 2017
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Steely Dan: "Two Against Nature". Perfect music
Dec 31 2016
at 5:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Weather Report-The Legendary Lost Tapes. Zawinul, Shorter, Pastorius, Erskine. Sublime.
Dec 28 2016
at 7:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy New Year, everyone. And cheers, Mugsy, thanks for turning me on to the Parallel Realities DVD . I’m thinking I will be intently listening to ’ This is not America ’ on Jan 20. Right now, stuck on Pat’s very creative album ’ Imaginary Day ’ and John Scofield’s ’ Still Warm’
Dec 25 2016
at 6:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Nearness-Mehldau/Redman
Dec 25 2016
at 7:44 AM
Bookmark and Share listening to pat’s ’map of the world’ - somehow, this particular music seems appropriate right now, what with everything that’s developed (or devolved) in the world. it’s going to take a lotta love to change the way things are . . . .
Dec 24 2016
at 8:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Only Christmas related music today :-) Happy holidays, Everyone!
Dec 19 2016
at 7:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Joey Alexander - Countdown ft. Larry Grenadier and Ulysses Owens Jr. (In Studio Performance) - my MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR!
Dec 17 2016
at 2:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Jefe from Snarky Puppy on the Culcha Vulcha album. Wow, that song has everything going on.
Dec 15 2016
at 7:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Jacky Terrasson and Stephane Belmondo. Superb and calm dueting. Also Mike Mainieri`s Northern Lights, with a bunch of excellent Scandinavian musicians. Scandinavian musicians are in fact always excellent... :-)
Dec 02 2016
at 9:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey PatsFan, Thought you might want to know for future reference... Parallel Realities is not a "forgotten Pat album". It was actually released as a Jack DeJohnette album. And, I totally agree with you that it is a stunning CD! The four of them (Pat, Dave Holland, Jack and Herbie) are all at their best. If you have a chance to see the DVD - the live version is really quite something! Cheers!
Nov 26 2016
at 11:16 AM
Bookmark and Share I just finished watching The Last Waltz, which I haven’t seen in several years. After forty years it still holds up, timeless music, a masterpiece.
Nov 11 2016
at 9:37 PM
Bookmark and Share MØ - Final Song - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two
Nov 11 2016
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share A perfect time to revisit Pat’s piece with David Bowie RIP ’A little piece of you The little peace in me Will die (This is not a miracle) ’
Oct 31 2016
at 12:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Lately I’ve been listening mostly to jazz: Miles Davis, Chick Corea, George Van Eps, Jim Hall, Joe Pass among others. Occasionally I listen to soul/funk/R&B stuff like Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Donny Hathaway, etc. Also various iconic bands like Joy Division, The Cure, The Smiths. Also I’ve been listening a lot to piano concertos of Rachmaninof, Grieg, Saint-Saëns and other composers. My ears are always going many directions.
Oct 29 2016
at 2:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Yellowjackets - their most recent album ’Cohearence’ is an amazing piece of work.
Oct 21 2016
at 5:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Been listening and watching a lot of YouTube video’s of Hiromi ... I believe she may be from another planet ... she is unbelievable ... also been listening to Eldar Djangirov ... I have had Hiromi’s CD’s since she first came out, but never really got into her, until I started watching her live video’s, not sure there is a better musician in any genre than her ... and Eldar, just discovered him, where the hell did he come from, oh so tasteful and chops galore ... these are two of the best artist out there ... going to see Hiromi live in a couple of weeks, this will be a great experience ... oh I just saw Jacob Collier live and his one man show is quiet impressive, another talent, so creative, he could possibly be the future of jazz, so talented ... it’s been a good year, saw the Bill Laurance Project, Ghost Note, Snarky Puppy 2 times, Jacob Collier and now Hiromi ...
Oct 20 2016
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Aziza, the new album/project from Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland. It’s funky, tuneful and very experimental all at the same time. Loueke is not a guitar player I’m familiar with and so far I’m liking his use of effects and his comping style, really different and refreshing. The other three players, goes without saying!.....
Oct 20 2016
at 3:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I have been listening to the Korean guitarist Jack Lee who bares a striking similarity to Pat’s style of playing. bob conboy
Oct 07 2016
at 11:10 AM
Bookmark and Share M83 - Go! and Laser on Later... with Jools Holland
Oct 02 2016
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share How many of you have listened to Parallel Realities ?? An absolutely great album, one of Pat’s forgotten albums I think. ... With Herbie Hancock and Jack Dejonnette. Herbie’s piano is amazing, ditto Jack’s chops, double ditto Pat’s synth .. Check it out ..
Oct 01 2016
at 8:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Chick Corea’s Beneath the Mask (checkout track 7 Chraged Particles). Al DiMeola’s Kiss My Axe....brings me back to high school....especially that hottie on the cover ( ; And Pat is always present...loving Three Flights Up in his album Question and Answer and learning Follow Me from Imaginary Day on the guitar, can’t get enough of that album, so killer.
Sep 22 2016
at 3:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina by Left Banke and Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies.
Sep 13 2016
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Mike Moreno - "Lotus" - This guy really came up with some nice stuff on this album. Superb.
Sep 12 2016
at 4:40 AM
Bookmark and Share On the jazz side: Jungle City by Alex Acuna, with the Norwegian musicians Jan Gunnar Hoff (keys) and Per Mathisen (bass). Brilliant. On the fusion`ish side: Headquarters by Monkey House (thanks, Popcorn). The best album I`ve heard in a long time. Jeff beck has also been getting a lot of my attention the last few months, with his Loud Hailer. Just can`t get enough of this, still gruond breaking, old timer! Every Beck solo is like a nice piece of jewellery...
Sep 09 2016
at 7:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Simon Phillips & Protocol: Indian Summer...
Aug 27 2016
at 4:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Toots & Bobby.
Aug 19 2016
at 2:26 AM
Bookmark and Share The latest by Snarky Puppy; Culcha Vulcha. Another great album from the Puppies, that continues the virtuosity and energy of "We Like it Here".
Aug 17 2016
at 2:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for the recommendation Willbur, I have bought Thumbscrew by Mary Holvorson after briefly checking out some stuff online to make sure it’s up my is!!!
Aug 14 2016
at 8:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Fred Hersch has a new CD: Sunday Night at the Vanguard. This one is a trio and very worthwhile taking it for a spin. Fred, if you are still on here... this one is your best (IMHO)! Thanks!
Aug 12 2016
at 5:05 PM
Bookmark and Share More Mary Halvorson, with "Thumbscrew". Mary is IMO the brightest light in Jazz guitar lately - along with Mr M, of course. Be forewarned, Thumbscrew is not your Mother’s "smooth jazz" Buckle up and take the ride!
Jul 25 2016
at 11:52 PM
Bookmark and Share MARUTYRI. What a treat! Thanks for the post.
Jul 24 2016
at 7:09 PM
Bookmark and Share "Just Like the Day" from Trio 99 – 00. Love that somber acoustic guitar and how Pat resolves or ornaments the chords in certain spots to fill out the melody.
Jul 24 2016
at 4:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Jacob Collier’s new CD "In My Room" ... This young man may be the most talented artist I’ve ever seen and heard ... Have had the privilege to be on several video conference calls with him and to hear Jacob speak and explain his approach to music is mind boggling - his knowledge of music is very impressive ... will be on a video call my him mid day on Sunday ...
Jul 23 2016
at 1:20 PM
Bookmark and Share I guess I’m a dinosaur because I still dig fusion-leaning music. The best stuff I’ve heard this summer include the superb young Rotterdam band Marutyri, Steve Wiest’s album the “High Road,” and “Left” by Toronto’s Steely Dan-like Monkey House.
Jul 18 2016
at 9:48 PM
Bookmark and Share David Benoit - Linus and Lucy , great song¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Jul 17 2016
at 1:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Stewart Copeland (drummer) wrote Miss Gradenko not Sting.
Jul 14 2016
at 10:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Synchronicity - The Police (1983?) On Miss Gradenko, Sting writes, "Your uniform don’t seem to fit, you’re much too alive in it".
Jun 12 2016
at 3:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m probably a latecomer, but I’ve just discovered Esperanza Spalding, so I’m giving all of her albums a listen. I think I heard something a year or two ago that didn’t appeal much so foolishly ignored her until I happened to see a YouTube clip last week which was incredible.
May 21 2016
at 2:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Saw this equipe live in Oxford 5 weeks ago (all agreed, it was the one of the best gigs ever at the Spin Club), and this Album they were to get on it....Tim Garland, Jason Rebello, Ant Law, and Asaf Sarkis....Ant Law is a treasure....doubles on bass ax on his regular axes....Rebello is such a master tickler....Garland is legend....Sarkis the perfect foil on the kit and toys....high reco...
May 19 2016
at 4:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Epic period of Chicago’s existence....
May 07 2016
at 12:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m digging the new Jack DeJohnette CD: In Movement with Ravi Coltrane and Matt Garrison. Really great playing by two of my favorite musicians. Matt is new to me, but he’s got some great bass lines. Check it out.
Apr 19 2016
at 3:32 PM
Bookmark and Share My favourite Lebanese trumpeter; Ibrahim Maalouf - Red and Black Light. Interesting time signatures and virtuoso musicians all over. To keep the universe in balance I blend in some 45 years old Ten Years After, with the legendary Alvin Lee.
Apr 18 2016
at 11:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Maria Schneider Big Band.....her first album Evanesence released in 1994....9 superb charts....check it out if you like the big band blow....
Apr 18 2016
at 10:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Listening to a lot of great old stuff, Coltrane, A Love Supreme, Django Reinhardt, I’ll See You In My Dreams, Sarah Vaughan, Dexter Gordon, One Flight Up, Larry Young, of all things, Unity, and Wes Montgomery, Echoes Of Indiana Avenue and Boss Guitar. For those of you who like older jazz or jazz in general, you may want to check out out of Chicago. They stream and play tons of older stuff and some newer stuff. Even play PM from time to time. Great listening if you don’t have a station near you that plays jazz like where I live, country seems to be king here and the latest pop crap!! Anyone else have any sites that stream jazz to pass along to us?
Apr 14 2016
at 10:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Actually, watching Imaginary Day concert on DVD. I was at that show and it was as incredible as I remember. I really hope PMG tours again. Also listening to Live Chicago ’87, "Are You Going With Me? " literally brings me to tears.
Apr 11 2016
at 4:21 PM
Bookmark and Share New reissues/remasters of Steve Khan’s three early 80’s albums; Eyewitness/Modern Times/Casa Loco. Also Magnus Öström’s Parachute. All excellent. Khan is underrated and overlooked as a guitar player I think.
Apr 01 2016
at 11:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Logan Richardson - Shift. Excellent - and not just because Metheny is the band’s guitarist.
Feb 26 2016
at 3:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Listening to The Pat Metheny Group, "Live Chicago ’87" A live radio broadcast recording for WXRT FM from the Victoria Theater worth having just for "The First Circle," and "Are You Going With Me?" alone, but the whole set is superb. It’s good to hear this iteration of the band again. The music is crisp, the vocals poetic, and the improvisation fluid....just as I remember it back in the day.
Jan 23 2016
at 1:15 PM
Bookmark and Share "Blackstar" by David Bowie. The final masterwork by one of the great artists of our time.
Jan 16 2016
at 8:34 PM
Bookmark and Share "Barcelona" by Ronnie Lynn Patterson from Mississippi
Dec 25 2015
at 12:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Listening to and watching Ben Howard playing End of the Affair on Late Night with Jools Holland...what a nice Christmas present to myself...or as the host would have it, "an extraordinary and unique performance!"
Dec 09 2015
at 3:18 AM
Bookmark and Share The Norwegian/ Polish singer Radka Toneff - "Fairytales", with Steve Dobrogosz on piano. This is a newly released remaster of this classic from the 70s, an outstanding performance that still raises the hair on my neck...
Dec 08 2015
at 12:30 PM
Bookmark and Share "Stars Fell on Daniel" by Ganfunkel. Brad Mehldau suggested it in something I read earlier this year.
Dec 06 2015
at 12:48 PM
Bookmark and Share "Coming Back Home" from Tony Williams The Joy of Flying. George Benson is simply mind blowing.
Nov 29 2015
at 11:45 AM
Bookmark and Share The way Manu Sija "shreds" those "nylons" for part of his solo on First Circle is priceless...i don’t think youtube and the web is necessarily bad for artists just forces them to approach their craft a different way...I saw a recent interview with James Taylor and he seems to hold a similar view
Nov 26 2015
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Right now? Milton Nascimento- Angelus. There is some great Pat. My turkey is still cooking and I don’t even care. Happy Thanksgiving.
Nov 26 2015
at 8:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Laura Marling - an amazing songwriter and singer. Also, Brad Mehldau’s new solo set. Absolutely brilliant and spiritual.
Nov 25 2015
at 11:03 AM
Bookmark and Share The Lincoln Center Orchestra Live from Cuba. The best big band in the US paying a visit to Cuba and playing some great Cuban arrangements. None better.And Dave Stryker Messin wirh Mr T. Getting ready to see Dave and Eric Alexander this weekend playing and paying respect to some classic Stanley Turrentine compositions. Both tremendous!
Nov 24 2015
at 9:19 AM
Bookmark and Share In my previous post , I was referring to mugsy’s post on Brad Mehldau’s live solo performances.
Nov 20 2015
at 9:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Manu Sija, young Argentinian musician, has a cover of First Circle and also Jean Luc-Ponty’s Enigmatic Ocean on youtube. Wow!
Nov 20 2015
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share i like his covers of Parinoid Android and My Favorite Things alot.
Nov 16 2015
at 5:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Brad Mehldau has a new four CD set: 10 years of solo live performances. This is the most incredible set of music that I have listened to in a very long time. I have been listening non-stop since it arrived on Friday! It is a mixture of classical, pop and jazz - all played in a jazzy Mehldau style. His version of God Only Knows is so incredible, I can’t find the words to describe it. I saw him about two years ago and he played it then and I was SO HAPPY to see it on this collection of music. There are a couple of Beatle songs also - Blackbird & And I Love Her - also really fantastic arrangements! Check it out!
Nov 06 2015
at 4:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Son of Thirteen from Day Trip by this guy called Pat Metheny. Love this track and the arrangement but I’m struggling working out the chords at the ends of the A and B sections.
Oct 31 2015
at 12:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey peeps, I’m jamming on my iPhone to a mixed playlist that features watercolors" "Born" and ’scandalous" - by Prince from 89 Elfman Burton Batman .... Pretty Eclectic on this joyous moonlit night.
Oct 30 2015
at 12:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Laurent Coq -- The Lafayette Suite. Saw him and his band in Paris recently. Fantastic!
Oct 28 2015
at 4:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Scott Henderson did a trio gig i Tromsø last week, and what a guitar-blast it was! Anyway; been digging up som Scott Henderson stuff after that, and found him on a record by Cristiano Palato; Ostinato Bass. Great funky fusion.
Oct 26 2015
at 4:45 PM
Bookmark and Share John Scofield and Joe Lovano "Past Present"; slinky, dirty-ass grooves combined w/serious be-bop chops.
Oct 26 2015
at 1:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Have You Heard...makes me happy!
Oct 25 2015
at 7:10 PM
Bookmark and Share John McLaughlin and 4D Black Light. A great band performance with fantastic playing from John. This continues a terrific run of recordings. Cheers John.
Oct 20 2015
at 7:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks to patsfan, I picked up a Bass Desries album Second Sight (Marc Johnson,Frisell,Scofiled,Erskine). I love the first track, still digesting the rest of it. Right now I am listening to a David Torn album (Prezens) I just picked up.
Oct 14 2015
at 12:58 AM
Bookmark and Share The Fields, The Sky from the live album "Travels" (1982). Americana at its best! The song fits perfectly with the wallpaper image on this site!
mario toni
Oct 11 2015
at 4:04 PM
Bookmark and Share @ Qystein not only they are a great players (also Patitucci is here!!!) but quality of compositions is really high. It’s really strange how the album of such quality is overlooked...
Oct 09 2015
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share McLaughlin’s Black Light. I like it as well as anything John’s done in a decade, or at least since the formation of 4th Dimension, whichever came first. Blazing and spiritual, and the percussion work is extraordinary.
Oct 09 2015
at 2:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the input, Mario. Great album. Eric`s playing is just phenomenal, and so perfectly fitted with Chuck`s brilliant guitar.
Oct 08 2015
at 4:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Joe Jackson’s new one - "Fast Forward" Highly recommended if you like Joe Jackson! Hope everyone is doing well!
mario toni
Oct 05 2015
at 4:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Marienthal & Loeb "Bridges" album! One of the best in 2015.
Sep 30 2015
at 11:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Bass Desires ..... An absolute gem of a classic combo(1989) !.......Scofield, Frisell, Erskine, and Marc Johnson... Timeless, and not to be missed !!!! Fusion at it’s very best !!!
Sep 28 2015
at 10:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Piano Improvisations, Childrens’ Songs...Chick Corea
Sep 27 2015
at 9:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I listen to The Way Up about 5 times a week as I run. Then pop in the DVD on Sunday mornings of the same. No one has listened to it more. Have you?
Sep 23 2015
at 7:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Noam Chomsky. He knows things.
Sep 13 2015
at 11:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Revisiting the great Wayne Krantz’ "Long to Be Loose." I found this one challenging when I first heard it 20 years ago. Now it’s smooth as silk. Way, way up there among the great underappreciated records in jazz. No one else multitasks on the guitar quite the way Wayne does, and certainly not with a voice as original.
mario toni
Sep 08 2015
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share All of this summer was Lee Ritenour’s "Earth Run" album and new one "Twist of Rit"...
Sep 08 2015
at 1:40 PM
Bookmark and Share I have listened to Pat and the band since the 70’s, and can’t seem to get enough. Right now however, I’m listening (and learning to play) Ludovico Einaudi. His minimalist piano compositions are both haunting and beautiful. Like PM’s music, deeply evocative. Enjoy!
Sep 06 2015
at 9:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Secret Story, by far. It’s still my favorite album of all time. That, along with Metheny Mehldau, One Quiet Night, and As Falls Witicha, So Falls Witicha Falls.
Aug 28 2015
at 7:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Philip Catherine - Oscar. Brilliant guitar and brilliant rythm section. Guitar jazz European style...
Aug 21 2015
at 1:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Nik Bartsch - "Llyria" - If you can imagine what Swiss design sounds like, this would be it... The first track is so creative and moving. What an artist!
Aug 14 2015
at 10:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Little Feat "Time Loves a Hero" and Prefab Sprout "Two Wheels Good".
Aug 10 2015
at 2:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes - Close to the edge. One of their best, IMHO. No one could handle the Rickenbacker like Chris Squire. If there is a bass-heaven, he`ll be jammin` with Jaco now
Jul 06 2015
at 4:36 PM
Bookmark and Share "Flower Hour" - I’m sure many of you have this. After listening to it numerous times over the past month(s), as I am now, I’ve decided the concert album has some of Pat’s finest sustained playing, live or otherwise, with a killer band in support. Anything good you can think or say about this group’s members is in full swing: Jack, Dave, Herbie, Pat. Lord, have mercy! The "Parallel Realities" tour is one I’m sorry to have missed.
Jun 22 2015
at 11:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Michal Urbaniak "Jasmine Lady" from his album Urbaniak. Lovely unison sections between violin and Urszula Dudziak’s voice. Urbaniak is a really fantastic record and my favorite of his. A young Kenny Kirkland on keyboards too, showing why he became one of the greats.
Jun 22 2015
at 7:28 AM
Bookmark and Share Joshua Redman - Walking Shadows, with Larry Grenadier, Brad Meldhau and Brian Blade. Easy listening with some slick saxophone, excellent music for keeping both me and my patients at ease :-)
Jun 17 2015
at 10:52 AM
Bookmark and Share PM Radio - Map of the World!
Jun 12 2015
at 6:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Giving SongX another try, but once again finding that my brain is still not completely ready... On the other hand; Ornette did a fantastic show in Tromsø in -91, and I totally understood most of it. Brilliant musicianship! Being able to really "getting" the complex music gave me a certain feeling of having a higher intelligence... Well...
Jun 07 2015
at 5:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Shuffling some Towner discs: "Ana," "Batik," "Blue Sun," "Diary." Nothing like some solo Ralph to soothe the soul.
Jun 02 2015
at 9:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Phronesis "Charm Defensive" from Walking Dark. Have a new setup I’m trying out, got into the portable digital thing, ala Head-Fi. Anyway, I got a FiiO X-1 (poorman’s X3/ X5) DAP, hooked up through a Cayin C5 portable amp going into a set of Sennheiser HD-598’s. Sounds really nice, and the Senns, being open headphones, really pick out the acoustics/soundstage of the tom-toms beautifully, like almost outside of your head at times.
May 28 2015
at 8:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Jazztet...the complete sessions...Art Farmer/Benny Golson.
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