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Jun 19 2011
at 4:00 AM
;( We love you big man. Your smile and spirit burned brighter than a million suns.
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Tom Rudd
Jun 28 2011
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Very cool, thanks for posting. I particularly like these 2 paragraphs: Branford Marsalis on Clarence: When I was playing with Sting in the mid to late 80s, we embarked on a massive tour in support of Amnesty International. On the second tour, Mr. Springsteen and band joined. I had been critical of Clarence before then, because, as a young musician, I focused on facility and “hipness," as opposed to the power of musical intent. On that tour, I learned a lot about Bruce, and how much music he knows. I hung a lot with Nils Lofgren and Danny Federici, and learned that Gary Talent was in that long line of super-important-yet-ignored bassists in pop music. And to top it off, I was invited to play a set with the band. Other than with my quartet, I have not experienced that kind of intensity onstage; no matter how hard I played, it was not hard enough. And I did that gig only for an hour.  When it was over, my lips felt like they usually do when I play a gig after not touching the horn for two weeks. To add to the perspective, at that time, Bruce and the Boys (and gal) played like that for about four hours every night. Clarence was very gracious to me, and he brought it.  Everything I played had to have his vibe on it, so powerful was his influence on the sound of the band, and the sound on him.
Jun 27 2011
at 5:08 PM
Bookmark and Share A nice write up by Branford Marsalis is here, /clarence-clemons-by-branford- marsalis.html.
Jun 24 2011
at 10:04 AM
Bookmark and Share I can’t imagine the E Street Band continuing without Clemons. It did after Danny Federici passed away but with Clemons gone now I have serious doubts.
Jun 22 2011
at 11:49 AM
Bookmark and Share The Estreet band will not be the same without you brother RIP
Jun 22 2011
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share lyric from Springsteen’s ode to another friend that is equally applicable to Clarence Clemons: They say you can’t take it with you, but I think that they’re wrong ’Cause all I know is I woke up this morning, and something big was gone
Tom Rudd
Jun 21 2011
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Had the pleasure of seeing Clarence perform with Bruce a few times. Quite an inspired player who loved his work. The E Street Band will never be the same. RIP Big Man.
Jun 20 2011
at 10:32 PM
Bookmark and Share RIP Big Man.
Jun 19 2011
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes indeed. Such a very sad thing to read about. RIP.
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