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Feb 16 2011
at 10:58 AM
Pat ought to play with her. How fabulous it would be for the younger generation of musicians to here their peer play with the best Jazz guitarist.>1=28102 This is very personal as I live across the river from Portland, Oregon. I am also attending Berklee College of Music in fall 2011. Aside from those two facts, it is extremely exciting to see a young Afro-american female bassist make it to the top! Pat, take my word, you will not be disappointed in doing a project with Esperanza! ~V
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Feb 18 2011
at 4:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Esperanza is a Portland girl originally, and is the offical Ambassador for the Portland Jazz Festival starting this weekend......she is also performing.....I had already thought an interesting return to the "Still Life Talking" sound with Esperanza and Pat......but of course, it would be a totally new sound...
Feb 16 2011
at 3:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Another lovely article, citing Pat. There are some music samples on this page, if I recall correctly. Yes, the battle of the basses would be fantastic! ~V
Feb 16 2011
at 2:25 PM
Bookmark and Share I guess Pat knows that she’s something else, considering he said this about her in 2008 [it was immediately obvious] "that she had a lot to say and was also unlike any musician I had ever run across before. Her unique quality is something that goes beyond her pretty amazing musical skills; She has that rare ’x’ factor of being able to transmit a certain personal kind of vision and energy that is all her own." (Taken from ES’s Wiki-article; there’s another Pat reference to be found there too.)
Feb 16 2011
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I’d like to hear a "battle of the basses" between Esperanza and Tal Wilkenfeld. Wouldn’t that be great?
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