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Jun 16 2011
at 8:58 AM
I notice that Itunes is offering ’’This nearly was mine’’ as a bonus track if you buy the whole album as download. is offering ’’Round midnight’’ as bonus with the same thing in mind. If you buy high quality cd you get the 10 basic tracks. Anyone know if the 2 extra tracks will be made available seperately without having to buy the album 3 times in a recession?
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Jun 25 2011
at 11:11 PM
Bookmark and Share lmao w/ kejur
Jun 24 2011
at 10:29 PM
Bookmark and Share My guess is that the Japanese release has the bonus tracks as standard, while we have to buy the extra tracks. Jazz is an American art form and yet it’s bigger and more respected in Japan and Europe. Therefore, those markets are given more while we have to pay more to get those added benefits. Yes it’s annoying, but it’s our own fault. Don’t worry, I’m sure we won’t have to pay extra for any Justin Bieber tracks.
Jun 24 2011
at 6:09 PM
Bookmark and Share The downloads come as 256 vbr. Pretty poor.
Jun 24 2011
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Well i got the 2 bonus tracks via itunes Tagged them on the end of a cdr copy of the cd and they sound pretty awful compared to the high quality of the full cd quality. The guitar loses its warmth and roundness only to sound metallic and tinny. Good on ya Warners!
Jun 21 2011
at 8:19 AM
Bookmark and Share I do agree with the poster below about quality of the tracks. I bought the CD, I really don’t want to pay for lossy mp3 files to complete the album. If "bonus" tracks are to be had, why not offer them in FLAC for those of us who prefer higher fidelity?
Jun 20 2011
at 4:46 PM
Bookmark and Share re bucky1960 it’s us brits that want vinyl-the best! I got orchestrion for Xmas and the CD thrown (for the car). I’m hoping that my order for WIAA will have the free CD again. There’s a vinyl revival here and some good places to shop for vintage including PM (eg got 1979 New Chautauqua as Spanish release from Record Xchange in Birmingham UK!)
Jun 20 2011
at 2:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Both extra tracks are available on itunes right now. You can just buy those extra tracks without buying the whole CD again.
Jun 19 2011
at 3:24 PM
Bookmark and Share At the moment Amazon UK and Itunes UK aren’t offering ’if this were mine’ at all. But then we have the overpriced japanese import cd with the 12 tracks on to look forward to (sic)Its a bit rubbish to have cd quality for 10 tracks then have to put up with 320 kbps for the tag on tracks bought seperately.
Jun 19 2011
at 1:50 PM
Bookmark and Share i just got off the nonesuch web site. apparently we could order a vinyl copy of WIAB that has the two additional songs. this also happens to be a double album. most of us don’t have a turn table anymore. wonder who made this decision? could it be the execs at nonesuch? i always look forward to new metheny stuff and since pat doesn’t often tour close to where i live i hope for a full recording to enjoy. i sure hope the record company doesn’t screw us and release a cd with all 12, or for that matter more, songs in the near future. wonder what pat has to say about this?
Jun 19 2011
at 8:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Really ridiculous that what one buys is in fact an incomplete album, which can only be completed by downloading the missing tracks. What kind of politics are these? It would be appropriate to have some kind of response here.
Jun 18 2011
at 12:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I just bought the two bonus tracks and I realized that it is not so much the extra $2.60 that bothers me as the fact that as loyal PMG fans, we get screwed for pre-ordering the CD. It doesn’t seem fair to me that I should have to pay more for the CD (all 12 tracks) because I pre-order.
Jun 17 2011
at 6:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Well i hope they offer them seperately in the UK too. We don’t want the tokyo live debacle over bonus tracks all over again. Will Warners ever learn?
Jun 16 2011
at 10:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I pre-ordered the CD and it arrived Monday. Thursday I discovered iTunes offers two bonus tracks..."Round Midnight" and "This Nearly Was Mine" for $1.29 each. I did buy the two tracks separatel and added them to the CD that I ripped into my digital library. I find this quite annoying. Why would they not offer the two bonus tracks as a download to the pre-order crowd, instead of Alphie which is on the CD. Wait, I make more money. I guess if I am going to give my money to an artist, Pat is certainly deserving.
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