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Jun 15 2011
at 4:30 PM
Some of the UK garagers might have seen that the Beeb threw open the eight favourite records to take to a desert islandto a national poll. 25000 people replied and the results were, in my view, execrable. Pink Floyd and Queen and some predictable and dull classical choices. I wondered if we could raise our own top eight favourite songs on the Garage. Rules say you can only have one song by any given artist. All lists have to have one Pat track as a mandatory requirement, but I am sure they would anyway. I am still thinking of my top eight. Anybody want to kick this off? I’m sure they’ll be a lot better than the ones which turned up in the poll!
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Jun 29 2011
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Tough to narrow to 8. Mine today are : Pat Metheny Are You Going With Me, Ralph Towner Beneath An Evening Sky, Brain Blade Steadfast,Al Dimeola The Grande Passion, Keith Jarrett Endless, Eberhard Weber Sand Glass, EST Premonition, Chick Corea Return To Forever
Jun 28 2011
at 2:36 PM
Bookmark and Share DID with 8 favourites, quite hard to choose, yes. But on my next desert island trip I’ll have with me something from Joni (what’ll it be, uhm, Jericho, what a voice, such timing, such phrasing), the Dan (still thinking, Green Earrings, no wait, Dr Wu!), Mr Rundgren (Wailing Wall, no doubt about this one), Brian Wilson (mm, so many good ones, Surf’s Up?), Beatles (yep, Happiness is a Warm Gun), couple of progrock pieces: Yes (Yours is no Disgrace probably); and Gentle Giant (let me see, In a Glass House), but wait a minute, how about Brand X (Black Moon, I love that Percy Jones bit there), early Neil Young stuff (Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, how appropriate!). Is that eight tunes? Or maybe a bonus track, no one would mind. Oh, and let’s not forget an extra disc with 8 faves from good old Pat, hidden in the backpack somewhere. Speaking of impossible choices .
Jun 18 2011
at 5:53 PM
Bookmark and Share 10 Fast City - Weather Report 9 Mohawk - Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie 8 Pavane pour les enfants - Ravel 7 Edith and the Kingpin - Joni Mitchell 6 St Thomas - Sonny Rollins 5 Extradition - PMG 4 The Way Up part 4 - PMG 3 Wabash - Cannonball Adderly and John Coltrane 2 Choices - Mike Brecker Qrt (but Mike Stern composition) 1 Have you Heard - PMG Obviously a bit nuts but thats’ what you have to do on the BBC show. It’s fairly representative of my listening tastes... hang on
Jun 18 2011
at 2:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Hague of course its impossible - that’s the point and it could change as the years roll on! Anyway for what its worth here are my eight at present: You set the Scene: Love Doctor Wu: Steely Dan Wherever you go: Pat Metheny Group Somewhere in the World: Swing out Sister Hello its me: Todd Rundgren Come live with me: Heaven 17 Thanks to you: Boz Scaggs Stepping out: Joe Jackson Keep them coming! PS Why no UK date on the Autumn tour yet?
Jun 17 2011
at 4:17 PM
Bookmark and Share A nice shiny double sided CD that would reflect sunlight so the rescue plane would see you might work too. Pretty well actually.
Jun 17 2011
at 4:10 PM
Bookmark and Share forget the ironing board, just get me the surfboard! appropriate tracks may include - to the end of the world, end of the game, letter from home, the heat of the day, every summer night, dream of the return, a place in the world, distance, goodbye, extradition, here to stay, we live here. get it ?
Jun 17 2011
at 2:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I could probably do ten lists and be happy with each one. Today’s list 1. “First Circle” – Pat (from Road to you) 2. “Aja” – Steely Dan 3. “Sympathy for the Devil” – Stones 4. “Squib Cakes” – Tower Of Power 5. “Egocentric Molecules” – Jean Luc Ponty 6. “Southbound” – Allman Brothers 7. “Kitty’s Back” – Springsteen (Live from Hammersmith) 8. “Harvest Moon” – Neil Young.
Jun 17 2011
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Hard to choose.Besides Metheny,any musical artist that has "WILSON" in his or her name.
Jun 17 2011
at 12:19 PM
Bookmark and Share In the spirit of the original concept of Desert Island Disks , my one ’luxury item’ would be an iPod with access to the ’cloud’-o-sphere in which every recording under the sun is accessible . That or an ironing board that doubles up as a surfboard .
Jun 17 2011
at 1:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Impossible.
Jun 16 2011
at 10:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Are You Going With Me - PMG (from Travels), Closing - Philip Glass (from Glassworks), Luckiest Man - Wood Brothers, So What - Miles, Legs - Massacre, Frame by Frame - King Crimson, Batman - John Zorn, Just Got Paid - Joe Bonamassa (from Shepards Bush live). If you ask me again in five minutes or five hours, the list would change...
Jun 16 2011
at 10:30 PM
Bookmark and Share 1 Reelin in the Years,Steely Dan2Hejira (live version), Joni Mitchell,3Black Market(live version),Weather Report,4Infant Eyes,Wayne Shorter5Dig,Miles Davis6 Cantelope Island,Herbie Hancock7The Neighborhood,LosLobos 8Whipping Post,Allman Brothers 9Stormy Monday,Lou Rawls 10 The Field The Sky Pat Metheny least that’s today’s list.
Jun 16 2011
at 4:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Why does there have to be one Pat track?
Jun 16 2011
at 1:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Here we go...: Pat Metheny - "Barcarole" David Crosby - "Triad" Al Di Meola - "Global Safari" Richard Stoltzman - "Clouds" Steely Dan - "Gaucho" Cream - "Crossroads" Bela Fleck - "Sojourn Of Arjuna" Bill Frisell - "Live To Tell"
Jun 16 2011
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share It would have to be very big island as I have 1600+ CDs. It would be difficult to narrow list to favorite 100.
Jun 16 2011
at 9:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Not surprising the poll would have very populist albums listed. Its the nature of the game. My top 8 would probably be: Ligeti ’’lux eterna’’ Bartok ’’music for strings percussion and celeste’’ Allan Holdsworth ’’Devil take the hindmost’’ Pat/ornette Endangered species’’ Led Zeppelin ’’dazed and confused’’ Schoenberg ’’Piano concerto’’ Ralph Towner ’’beneath an evening sky’’ John Scofield ’Blue matter’’ it tends to change over time and mood.
Jun 16 2011
at 8:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Phase Dance - PMG, Giant Steps - John Coltrane, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking -Rolling Stones, Footprints -Miles Davis, I Know I’m Losing You -Rod Stewart(Faces), The Song Is Over -The Who, Layla -Derek and The Dominos, Maiden Voyage -Herbie Hancock.
Jun 15 2011
at 8:23 PM
Bookmark and Share 1. The Way Up 2. Close to the Edge 3. Suppers Ready ( for the Charisma crowd) 4. Bartok Concerto for Orchestra 5. Naima (Coltrane) 5. Bill Evans Trio Nardis from the Turn Out the Stars set.6.Ellington/Strayhorn Isfahan from the Far East Suite 7. Keith Jarrett Foolsofallofus 8. Smatter, Kenny Wheeler from Gnu High. These are top tracks but these 8 albums would be sweet.
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