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Jun 15 2011
at 10:10 AM
anyone ever check out Tal Farlow
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Jun 17 2011
at 2:12 PM
Bookmark and Share ive got this one tal farlow cookin on all burners!!!!!!!! now hows that for a preflight!!!!!
Jun 15 2011
at 2:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I have a compilation cd which is pretty good. I keep meaning to explore more of his music/playing. He played a lot with guitar great Lenny Breau. There may still be clips up on youtube of them. A friend has a much larger collection.
Jun 15 2011
at 1:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Amazing guitar player. He’s just about the core of jazz guitar playing, together with Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and -yes- Pat. If you haven’t heard Tal, you haven’t heard jazz guitar to the full.
Jun 15 2011
at 1:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I would imagine many of the AG folks are familiar with Tal. The "Octopus" is one of the American Jazz Guitar legends. Check out the Red Norvo Trio!
Tom Rudd
Jun 15 2011
at 12:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Tal Farlow is considered one of the all-time great Jazz guitarists. He is a Master. His nickname was Octopus because he had huge hands that just spread over the fretboard.
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