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Jun 14 2011
at 8:52 PM
A sampling of delectable beautifully crafted and deliciously iced cupcakes - a few bites and remorsefully each composition just a little too short leaving me with a craving for more sweet encores.
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Jun 15 2011
at 1:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Listened through it a few times. Takes a rather "square" list of covers and reinterprets them in a very intimate and spacious manner. Saying it is "laid back" is short-sheeting the affair. Don’t play this if you are pulling a midnight shift and driving a long haul big rig or an air traffic controller. No uptempo, snap your fingers tunes here. What you do have in WIAA is a very beautifully crafted, quiet and elegant solo acoustic performance. It sounds just like the videos PM released of many of the tunes on WIAA. Meaning - sparse setting, close to the mic, simple and direct. Again, intimate and spacious come to mind. He uses space - silence effectively. Ambient and cool. Nice to listen to during the warm summer evenings sipping on a mint julep on the back deck...
Jun 15 2011
at 1:03 PM
Bookmark and Share It looks like this would make a fine cd/dvd deluxe package...
Tom Rudd
Jun 15 2011
at 9:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Don’t get a toothache METHenyaddicted. ;-)
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