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Tyler Durden
Jun 14 2011
at 3:04 PM
Hello garage, its been a while. Just wondering if anyone has seen The Fab Faux live? I have multiple times and they are incredible; check ’em out if you can. ****Amazing**** Seeing/hearing Sgt. Peppers front to back live is unreal. (also seen/heard Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road as well as sets that were mixes of the Beatles from all periods of time) The Abbey Road videos on Youtube (Parts 1-3) are cool, maybe watch "While My Guitar gently Weeps" as well, a bunch more... Great live band. Will Lee (Fab bassist) played on one of Pats albums (Secret Story), check out his discography at aphy.php. Wonder when Will sleeps. A great bass player leading a great band. Peace.
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Jun 15 2011
at 3:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Have seen them a couple of times. Excellent. They don’t try to imitate The Beatles, but play every song exactly as it sounded on record....if a sound was on the record, they make every effort to include it in their performance. They’re NY-based and are mostly in the northeast as far as I know. They have a website.
Tom Rudd
Jun 15 2011
at 6:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip Tyler, never have heard of them. Their vids sound awesome. Boston area has it’s own "Beatle Juice" but from what I have heard I think these guys do it better. Pretty serious recreation.
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