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SUBJECT: Recent film soundtrack availability Back to Subjects
Oct 18 2015
at 10:14 AM
I really want to hear Pat’s music for "Becoming California" and "Living Is Easy With Closed Eyes". Both seem to be available on DVD/Blu-Ray but there are problems; The latter does not have English subtitles so I think it might be a difficult watch despite the music! The California film is available on but they won’t ship to the UK for some reason, I’ve bought from there before so I don’t really understand that, it’s a multi- region disc too so it would be fine. I’m wondering if anyone knows a way round this or knows about any future releases. Ideally the soundtracks on CD would be best.
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Oct 21 2015
at 12:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I have a copy of the Californië blu-ray. I live in the Netherlands Had it sent to à familymember in THE US. They sent it to me by regular mail. The documentairy is great both THE visuals als the music
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