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Jun 11 2011
at 8:56 PM
we were checking out music on utube and theres this austin city limits from 77, and during the end of jaco marc egan starts playing the jaco bassline, then we were listening to some of jaco and pat and moses, posted on utube and theres that bass line, and then theres this rare havana cuba jam, from 79 and jacos playing that line!!!! man!!!!
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Oct 03 2011
at 12:21 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve brought up that distinct Jaco sound to some of the well-known bass players I’ve had the pleasure to meet, ie Gerald Veasley,JImmy Haslip and Victor Wooten,and some of the local professional bass players not-so-widely-known.They all agree that Jaco chnaged the electric bass with his groove, his way of making the bass a lead instrument. Even the classical bass players say he was a pioneer, never to be forgotten.
Oct 03 2011
at 9:54 AM
Bookmark and Share What goes lost at times with Jaco is the fact that he was a remarkable composer of music. Three View of a Secret, Havona, John and Mary, Liberty City, Portrait of Tracy...the list goes on and on. Not bad for such a short life. Imagine what he would have written had he lived.
Oct 02 2011
at 8:30 PM
Bookmark and Share like the last two sentences of the first post.
Oct 02 2011
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Jive nothin - so many wannabe Jaco’s out there you wonder if they are even listening. I have no ethical problem with it, I just wince. Dont you?
Oct 01 2011
at 5:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Gwiz ... It’s a stone groove my jive brutha. Whatever that means .
Sep 30 2011
at 8:28 PM
Bookmark and Share I hear you - I hear you, I hear that line. But how many times do you hear the quasi-vibe and the 16th notes and the most common thing of all: Hitting that back pickup and pulling the trebly brittle out of it. How funny that has become distinctly Jaco when it is a superficial slice that he never even sounded like if you listen to all warmth pouring out of him. I heard Pat suggest to some to "move on" - yeah, but you can’t. You move on, you do your thing and there he is. Not in you, but in front of you. Like Hendrix, he’s part of the fabric of music now. Hard to know where his influence begins and ends. You don’t try to "move on" from Hendrix. You can’t - because he’s all around. All you can do is once in a while let Jaco’s music get into you, feel the vibe, then slowly, with visceral humility, find your self again. Let his energy, drive, and exuberance fuel your self discovery and bring out your unique resonance to the world. That’s the difference between impression and expression.
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