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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: The New Gary Burton Quartet, Common Ground Back to Subjects
Jun 10 2011
at 4:51 AM
A review of New Gary Burton Quartet’s Common Ground, today at All About Jazz. Featuring guitarist Julian Lage, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Antonio Sanchez, it’s Burton’s first working band in six years, and at that time Lage was just a teenager but already showing tremendous promise with the vibraphonist. With two albums of his own under his belt, his voice is emerging with even greater clarity in a set that, with the exception of a Jarrett tune and one standard, all comes from the pens of the quartet’s members. Review here:
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Jun 16 2011
at 11:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Saturday I bought tickets for the Gary Burton Quartet at a small venue in Evanston IL. It’s the same club where I saw the Julian Lage Group. It should be a great show and band.
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