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SUBJECT: AAJ Review of What’s It All About Back to Subjects
Jun 07 2011
at 8:52 PM
A review of the new album is up today at All About Jazz: Enjoy!
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Jun 16 2011
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share CD is great. My father had Alzheimers and passed away in 2008. Cherish every moment with her and find a great doctor who will find drugs to make the quality of her life as good as possible.
Jun 12 2011
at 3:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the kind words, folks, about both the review and my mother. Just about done clearing out her old place, and I must admit it feels pretty weird disposing of stuff while she’s still around. On the other hand, she took all she wanted to her new place, and I donated everything, as I did with my aunt who passed away in 2008, to a local church that runs a shelter for battered women. They literally come and take **everything** and it’s a great feeling...and humbling, when, after tellng folks they should take **something** that they like as a personal thank you for doing the work, and an Inuit woman comes up,shyly, and asks if she can take the three cup-a-soups in a kitchen cupboard. I made sure she took something more permanent as well (some jewelry my mom didn’t want), but sure helps put our own lives in perspective, when something worth so little means so much. I had the choice of selling stuff or donating, and I pick this every time. They use some of the stuff - furniture, dishes, etc - to help set up battered women in new apartments; the rest, they hold a big yard sale (and i’m talking big, as this is a 2-bedroom apt’s worth of stuff) and use the money to help keep the shelter running. They do great work, it’s really nice to be able to give them something so substantial in return.
Rob B in CT
Jun 11 2011
at 8:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice review, John. Looking forward to the release this week. Best wishes to you and your mom. You might find Jonatha Brooke’s journal entries of interest as she’s in a similar situation with her mom.
Jun 10 2011
at 10:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry to hear about your mom Dj. Best wishes to your family.
Tom Rudd
Jun 10 2011
at 10:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for posting DJ, Best of luck with your mom.
Jun 09 2011
at 3:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Great review. Haven’t heard much of the cd at this moment, but can almost imagine how it sounds. Thanks!
Jun 08 2011
at 9:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, guys; -m, sadly, been dealing with elderly mother health issues since start of year. Now, with onset of dementia/alzheimer’s, I’ve got her in an assisted living home nearby and, by the end of this week, will have her old apartment cleared out. Add to that a lot of travel (and more to come; it’s summer festival season!) and time to trawl (not troll!) the boards has been severely cut back. But thanks for asking.
Jun 08 2011
at 2:20 PM
Bookmark and Share That’s some pretty serious mixing of metaphors in the final sentence. Glad you like the CD, though. Looking forward to it.
Chris Digger
Jun 08 2011
at 9:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks! Wow, there are more guitars involved in this project (besides the baritone also nylon-, steel- and pikasso-string)
Jun 07 2011
at 11:46 PM
Bookmark and Share The seven minute version of The Sounds Of Silence on the Pikasso guitar should be an aural delight. Can’t wait to hear how Pat interprets that classic, as well as Cherish. I didn’t even like Alfie when it was on the radio in the sixties, but his sneak preview of that song was beautiful.
Jun 07 2011
at 10:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks dj, nice review. I surely am looking forward to the album. Haven’t seen you around these parts lately...hope you’re doing well
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