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Jun 06 2011
at 12:17 AM
Of all of Pat’s albums, this one elicited very mixed feelings. At times i was slightly turned off by the drum loops and an ’artificial’ sound that it suggested. Knowing that Pat played along with a computer programmed drummer didn’t seem logical for the world’s best jazz guitarist. Definitely a first in the jazz world. But that album became a favorite for me, expecially when i took it along on trips or played it in the car. The title ’ I live here ’ is right on.... It was like i was ’back home’... Well, again, Orchestrion,in it’s ’artificial’ way, reminds me of We Live Here. Both are beautiful albums once the preconceptions about jazz and music are redefined. Anyone else have an opinion on this?
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Jun 18 2011
at 6:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Check out the video from the Tokyo gig of We Live Here. It really is wonderful. Episode D’Azur is astonishing... Lyle unreal. Girls Next Door, And Then She Knew... fabulous tracks. Guitar sound on the CD is as fat yet well defined and in your face as you’d like. I group the set of tunes with Speaking of Now... there’s a focus on melody and sound that’s so attractive. It’s no good asking me though, I don’t really favour one PMG record above another. Each is sublime
Jun 18 2011
at 3:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Hague thank you -I have no idea how that happened!Have reposted on the right thread!
Jun 18 2011
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share "Something to Remind you" is a wonderful tune with some challenging changes if one is trying to transpose and/or transcribe it..........Hearing "To the end of the World" in a beautiful outdoor setting in Jacksonville, Oregon at the Brit Festival was a moment in time that my ex and her "first time Pat friends" will never forget......a drum loop setting a tempo and cadence never hurt anyone.
Jun 18 2011
at 1:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Colin, you’re in the wrong thread, lol. Appreciate your post nevertheless.
Jun 17 2011
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Hague of course its impossible - that’s the point and it could change as the years roll on! Anyway for what its worth here are my eight at present: You set the Scene: Love Doctor Wu: Steely Dan Wherever you go: Pat Metheny Group Somewhere in the World: Swing out Sister Hello its me: Todd Rundgren Come live with me: Heaven 17 Thanks to you: Boz Scaggs Stepping out: Joe Jackson Keep them coming! PS Why no UK date on the Autumn tour yet?
Jun 17 2011
at 12:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I have been a huge fan of Pat’s since his very first album. Out of all the great music he has composed, I am partial to this album, especially the opening track, only because I know what the concept is behind it. I am one of the "few fans that this will be their favorite record". Knowing such, this is actually one of his more brilliant albums ... but Pat has & always will be very brilliant and unique. It is amazing to me that he very generously decided to do this album & what a fantastic job he did creating it. It is a personal honor for me, and I’m sure for a few of his other fans, to own this special ’gift’.
Jun 16 2011
at 1:09 PM
Bookmark and Share To me, one of the few attractive things about this album is that it’s fairly upbeat/lively. Or, at least, it is as much so as any pmg recording, except the first and the most recent, where the drummer has been allowed to interject a few ideas with the snare drum again for the first time in a long time in a pmg context (ok, a slight exaggeration i know!). Sometimes i miss the energy of pat live in pmg studio records quite a bit. On the WLH, the drum machine is not to my taste but inoffensive. The record goes for an r’n’b sound, but relatively few tracks work for me, the great exception being ’and then i knew’, which is one of my favourite pmg/pat tunes. I’m not such a fan of r’n’b (when i hear a tune like ’the girls next door’ or ’something to remind you’ i say to myself: who’re ye kiddin with this smoochin’ fantasy music), but ’and then i knew’ hits the spot: the arrangement, the use of the horns and vocals, it’s r’n’b at its best and as tuneful as a jazz classic
Jun 15 2011
at 4:13 PM
Bookmark and Share We Live Here
Jun 15 2011
at 1:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Talking about demographics.
Jun 14 2011
at 6:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I really like this album , it is quite different & i really enjoyed the stuff live on tour .
Jun 10 2011
at 8:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Barley says, "An album that includes "To The End Of The World" cannot fail to be impressive and/or wonderful." Agreed!!!
Jun 09 2011
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share An album that includes "To The End Of The World" cannot fail to be impressive and/or wonderful.
Jun 08 2011
at 10:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Something to Remind You is the best song that Earth Wind and Fire never wrote (or, more specifically, that David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Bill Champlin never wrote). And speaking of EW&F, there’s a version of Something To Remind You by Phillip Bailey, with Pat on guitar.
Jun 06 2011
at 12:04 PM
Bookmark and Share The thing I always liked about this album was the way Metheny played on it. He just seemed very very fluid on all the tunes, more so than usual at that phase in his career. That and the Marvin Gaye style percussion on the opening track "Here To Stay" which I thought was drop dead killer hip when I first heard it. Still do too actually.
Jun 06 2011
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I wasn’t a big fan of WLH, although there are some great songs on it. There is just such a high standard that each of Pat’s recordings are measured by that some are just going to fall short compared to the others. And to me, WLH is just not in the upper echelon of Pat’s discography. And related to the comparison to the Orchestrion, I thought the version Pat did of Stranger in Town with his robotics was better than the version he did with the band during the WLH tour.
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