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Sep 30 2015
at 3:07 PM
Phil Woods died on Tuesday, Sept. 29; he was 83. What a great, great player. A legend, one might say. RIP Maestro Woods..
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Oct 13 2015
at 9:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Love the Dr Wu solo. It’s a permanent fixture in my aural/neural pathways. FYI on another subject, somehow my BobSmith password was lost or something and I when I tried to have the password sent to my original e-mail address, it must have been a defunct one. Anyway, I am the original BobSmith but now BobSmith1. I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath for my return...
Oct 12 2015
at 6:14 PM
Bookmark and Share He was one of the greats. Loved his solo on Doctor Wu by Steely Dan, but his own albums were of course excellent. Particularly enamoured of his very quick version of Nica’s Dream. Sad news
Oct 02 2015
at 3:21 PM
Bookmark and Share What might Yogi say about Phil? "I love his alto playing! I just wish he would play more sax!" / Yes, we lost two giants, that’s for sure. Both you guys were fortunate to see Woods in his waning days.
Oct 02 2015
at 1:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I was saddened to hear of the loss of Phil Woods, a true music giant who crossed over the jazz/rock/popular music genres and paved the way for many others to follow, including PMG. I was fortunate enough to see him play live in the past year and even as frail and dependent upon his oxygen tank that he was, he still delivered great music. Between the passing of Mr. Woods and Yogi Berra in the past week, we’ve lost 2 of the most important people from the entertainment industry of the last 100 years. May they both RIP
Oct 01 2015
at 3:37 PM
Bookmark and Share I was fortunate enough to see his final show, Classical Standards, with the PSO and James Moore featured on trumpet (great young player), at MCG in Pittsburgh on 9/4. Terrific show and what a great guy Phil is (was). They had to bring him on stage in a wheelchair, he wore a nasal cannula for oxygen the entire time, but still managed to play beautifully. He told a lot of interesting and quite funny stories and seemed in good spirits, seemed to be enjoying himself. Classy guy and great musician, he will be sorely missed.
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