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Jun 03 2011
at 10:16 AM
Last night I was reading a book called "Watching Baseball" by Jerry Remy when I came across a hilarous typo. Remy was describing the first game of the 2004 World Series and says ".....Then the Red Sox defense went cold. Pat Matheny drove in a run with a fly ball to right and a second run scored on Millar’s throwing error." He meant to say Mike Matheny, a former major league catcher, and yes I realize the last name spelling is different than our guitar hero, but I couldn’t stop laughing picturing Pat’s hair flowing under his batting helmet as he ran to first base. Obviously Remy or whoever edited the book is a fan of, or has heard of Pat to make that error. : )
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Jun 06 2011
at 11:56 AM
Bookmark and Share A similar typo occurred during the Secret Story tour in Philly when someone not with Metheny Productions made t-shirts and sold them after the show in the parking lot. The shirts were a picture of Pat with his name underneath spelled "Pat Matheny". I pointed out his name was misspelled but the person just ignored me and kept on going.
Jun 04 2011
at 2:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Does he use a synth bat? When he hits a (letter from) home run? My apologies.
s in Boston
Jun 03 2011
at 12:46 PM
Bookmark and Share ZMan, that’s funny, and interesting. Maybe Remy paid attention to local music during his time on the Red Sox. Did you know that PM is, in fact, related to Mike Matheny, though, despite the spelling variant? They are distant cousins or something.
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