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May 31 2011
at 7:17 AM
Hi Pat!! The last time i saw your concert in Brazil was in 2000. When are you planning to perform in Brazil (São Paulo? Thanks Denis
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Jun 10 2011
at 3:34 PM
Bookmark and Share On April 6th I had a wonderful experience in my life. I saw one of the greatest jazz musician in the world: Keith Jarrett "An evening of solo improvisations at SALA SÃO PAULO". I’m waiting for this experience again with PAT since 2000, when he came in São Paulo with his TRIO. What a night! ! ! PAT 2011 !!! BRAZIL!! SÃO PAULO!!! Thanks Denis
Jun 07 2011
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share The last time in Rio de Janeiro was 1996 !! Pat, you have to come in Rio again !!
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