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SUBJECT: Pat’s most impassioned syth soloing Back to Subjects
Sep 20 2015
at 5:50 AM
"To the End of the World" has perhaps Pat’s most impassioned synth soloing ever. The song literally makes me weep with unabated joy. What do you folks think?
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Oct 10 2017
at 6:55 AM
Bookmark and Share bravo tomm, i agree mightily: i, too, nominate ’nascente’, from mike brecker’s ’the nearness of you’ . . . . not only the brief but beautiful solo on the synth axe, but the ’high harmony’ that pat plays behind brecker’s statement of the theme on the outro is everest-like . . . . . as much of a post-bop sprint MASTER that pat is, my personal favorite work of his has always been his more ’behind the scenes’ offerings, such as on ’as falls wichita . . .’, ’the falcon & the snowman’, and the song ’first circle’ . . . . . nobody ’accompanies’ like pat . . . my late father was a fine guitarist in the tradition of george barnes, tony mottola, hank garland, and freddie green (among others), and he eventually ’confessed’ to me late in his life that ’pat’s the best i’ve ever heard’, and that was ’something’ for him, as he truly did come from the ’old school’, but there’s no denying that PM comes from ’ALL schools’, and the rest is (his)tory.
Oct 07 2017
at 11:51 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree w/all responses. Let’s not forget Q&A from Jazz Baltica Salzau with the trio 2006.
Oct 06 2017
at 6:24 PM
Bookmark and Share "Language of Time" on Quartet. Amazing and lovely. (And that should be synth, with a freaking N!)
Dec 09 2015
at 3:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Are You Going With Me? Oh yes, I am...
Dec 06 2015
at 12:40 PM
Bookmark and Share The Roland solo on "Story from a Stranger" is my favorite. It starts with such quietness and restraint and then builds logically to an emotional crescendo.
Sep 30 2015
at 10:15 PM
Bookmark and Share "Nascente" on Michael Brecker’s "The Nearness of You" CD. Short but intense.
Sep 30 2015
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share this seems to have morphed into "Great Synth Solos of Pat". Another great one is in "Lonnie’s Lament" on Kenny Garret’s album Pursuance.
Sep 30 2015
at 9:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Another vote for "Towards the Light." I’ve also loved the Song for Bilbao on Travels (live!), and another of my favorites is the Question and Answer solo on Trio (Live!).
Sep 27 2015
at 7:48 PM
Bookmark and Share easily The Longest Summer from Secret Story...the accompanying video shows a love lost on the dunes of the cape....
Sep 27 2015
at 2:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Another one is "Towards the Light" from the MM Quartet.
Sep 26 2015
at 3:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Can it be anything else than AYGWM?
Sep 26 2015
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the head’s up on the Milton & Miller Pat tunes, Cathy. Listening now. Sweet. / Lots of worthy suggestions/opinions on Pat’s impassioned synth work. Who’s right? Eeny meeny miney moe (& Curly & Larry).... As they say: "it’s all good." Cheers.
Sep 26 2015
at 1:42 AM
Bookmark and Share And I thought I was the only one that felt that to hear how others are affected the same way by Pats playing and the!! Love all the ones’s a couple to check out...IF you can find them...check you tube...Vidro E Corte with Milton Nacimento and Shape of my heart with Dominic Miller....awesome!!!
Sep 25 2015
at 1:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Flip a coin, Bilbao or AYGWM
Sep 25 2015
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share There are almost too many yo list! In my opinion, these two must be included: "You Don’t Know What Love Is" from Gary Thomas’ album, TILL WE HAVE FACES, and "Secret Beach" from QUARTET (Metheny Mehldau).
Sep 25 2015
at 12:12 AM
Bookmark and Share There is a video floating around of a Song for Bilbao in Warsaw, Poland from the Secret Story tour. I’ve heard some ridiculous synth solos from Pat, and I have a long list of great ones, but this one is one of the greatest extemporaneous improvisations I’ve ever heard. You can even tell that the musicians around him almost can’t believe what they’re hearing. Even though the audio quality isn’t that great, I guarantee you will get goosebumps when you hear it.
Sep 24 2015
at 9:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I feel that one that tends to get overlooked (probably because it’s short) is the Dream Of The Return solo. An amazing musical sentence.
Sep 24 2015
at 2:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Not on synth per se, but Half Life of Absolution (from TRTY) features some pretty darned impassioned guitar playing!
Sep 23 2015
at 10:00 PM
Bookmark and Share The Truth Will Always Be
Sep 23 2015
at 8:28 PM
Bookmark and Share The Truth Will Always Be......definitely
Sep 23 2015
at 3:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry Yos… I’m going with AYGWM. I can remember when Off Ramp came out and I first heard that soaring synth. I remember hearing long before the album came out that he would be playing the guitar synth; the first ever on an album from what I remember and I was anxious to hear what it was going to sound like. When his solo broke out with all of that airy reverb, I cried. It still touches me deeply today, maybe more out of nostalgia than anything else.
Sep 23 2015
at 10:18 AM
Bookmark and Share i vote for "The Truth Will Always Be" from Secret Story and "Question and Answer" from Trio Live.
Sep 22 2015
at 5:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, as said previously, Longest Summer. I presume AYGWM isn’t allowed, being too obvious. As it Is from Speaking of Now is very impassioned. I personally disallow Song for Bilbao as being more joyous than impassioned. To the End of the World... see AYGWM.
Sep 21 2015
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s neither synth nor blistering but 2:48 to about 4:00 of "Silent Movie" from Metheny/Mehldau-Quartet gets me all the time.
Sep 21 2015
at 4:49 AM
Bookmark and Share ’To the End of the World’ has a profound transcendent effect on me, including Pat’s synth guitar solo....amazing chart from all points of view...
Sep 21 2015
at 2:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Can’t disagree with you there, Kooltrane. Definitely a "blistering" solo, which the crowd supremely acknowledges!
Sep 21 2015
at 2:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Longest Summer
Sep 20 2015
at 10:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, Naut, I don’t know how high I could rate it because of the dozens of other great synth tunes I love, but I must say that The End of the World’ is the most hypnotic piece of music I know, especially when your out on a trip by yourself with new scenery and new thoughts. As I’ve aged , We Live Here’ has become a staple food for my soul, but most favorite in that way is ’ Imaginary Day’ where some of my favorite synth is found.
Sep 20 2015
at 10:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Naut, I totally agree with you! I have had so many different emotions come to the surface when I listen to "To The End of the World" = it blows me away. This is one song for sure that makes me make facial expressions (similar to Pat’s) = and it is not me trying to imitate Pat, but it just takes me to a very emotional place. Depending on my mood and situation, it can be a peaceful happy place...or a dark place. But I will often put it on repeat, and listen over and over. I don’t know if I am articulating this as well as I would like - I just know that it really speaks to me in a very strong and passionate way.
Sep 20 2015
at 4:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Always liked "Song For Bilbao" form "Travels." Blistering!
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