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SUBJECT: Gary Burton and Chick Corea Williamsburg, VA 5/27 Back to Subjects
May 28 2011
at 9:51 PM
Gang I was lucky enough to see Gary and Chick last night in my new hometown of Williamsburg, VA. The show was fantastic. They were trying out some new material and played some great covers too, including a scorching version of ’Eleanor Rigby’. They seemed to be in high spirits and had incredible chemistry. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time!
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May 31 2011
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share We saw Chick Corea the following night, May 28, in Easton, Maryland, at the Avalon Theater, in a rather rare solo piano concert. Chick was amazingly virtuosic and was extremely communicative with the audience and funny in his comments. He started off with a review of some his heroes, playing tunes by Bill Evans (Turn Out the Stars and Waltz for Debbie), Monk (Pannonica and Blue Monk), and Bud Powell (Dusk and Sandi). He played some of his own lesser known tunes, and then invited some members of the audience up on stage and improvised musical portaits of them. He tried to capture the subjects’ appearance and personality in improvised pieces. That was cool. Then he asked if there were any players in the audience who would like to play a duet with him. Two guys came up and jammed with him; one was apparently a professional pianist, the other an amateur. None of this was prearranged. These were were simply ramdom audience members who volunteered to come up on stage and sit for their musical portait or play a duet with Chick Corea. His witty, hip banter with the audience was the antithesis of Keith Jarrett’s often antagonistic concert demeanor. The sold out crowd was extremely enthusiastic. He played a 9 foot Yamaha concert grand and the acoustics were wonderful. My impression was that he is truly a virtuoso, and that his constant flow of musical ideas is even more impressive than his total physical command of the instrument.
May 29 2011
at 11:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Sounds like a great show, as most of theirs are. Chick and Gary just seem to be a "made for each other" duo. Their music just fits together perfectly.
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