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Sep 14 2015
at 10:53 PM
I pre-ordered The Unity Sessions DVD, both because I want the recordings, but also because the offer included an autographed copy of the set list. I received the DVD today, but the set list was not included. Guessing that’s coming separately. Anybody know differently?
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Oct 29 2015
at 6:20 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree with alan246. Obviously BX1 - your order got lost, or something. Everyone else seems to have received theirs. I would call and find out.
Oct 28 2015
at 3:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Getting tired of it...waiting
Oct 27 2015
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Bxl- did you call them? They were very kind to me on the phone the one time I needed to call them about an order.
Oct 21 2015
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share And still waiting, so what’s the use of pre-ordering...?Am I alone here with this problem?
Oct 12 2015
at 9:00 AM
Bookmark and Share And still. ..
Oct 06 2015
at 2:31 PM
Bookmark and Share And still waiting. ..
Sep 19 2015
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Still waiting..
Sep 18 2015
at 1:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Mine came together - just like alan2461 described.
Sep 16 2015
at 6:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I got mine yesterday. The signed set list was in a cardboard yellow envelope inside the padded envelope containing the DVD. I almost didn’t realize this was the set list. I thought it was just cardboard to keep the DVD from getting broken.
Sep 16 2015
at 6:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Mine arrived separately.
Sep 15 2015
at 2:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Happened to me once before.did you check the bottom of the box, inside out?
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