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Mike S.
Sep 12 2015
at 6:54 AM
Before the loop was changed yesterday to a different set of tunes there was a song played that sounds like a live and multi-musician performance of Improvisation #2 with the cover of the Orchestrion CD showing in the Now Playing icon. Can anyone tell me where I can find that recording??? I love that piece, the whole thing is amazing but I especially like what Antonio is doing as I am a drummer!!!
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Dec 10 2015
at 9:46 AM
Bookmark and Share I too am awestruck by "Signals (Orchestrion Sketch)" from PAT METHENY - UNITY BAND. For me, it is one of Pat’s best, (if not his best). Eleven minutes and 27 seconds of momentum; driving to ecstasy and resolution; wonderful music.
Mike S.
Dec 05 2015
at 10:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I was wrong! The tune I was (and still am!) enamored with is Signals . AMAZING piece of music!!!
Sep 17 2015
at 7:29 AM
Bookmark and Share This is one of my favorite tracks on Orchestrion Project. The layering Pat does on it is incredible! The bass-work on guitar is especially tasty.
Sep 16 2015
at 10:36 AM
Bookmark and Share my music player in my car happened to be moving through songs starting with "I" as I came across Improvisation#2 from The Orchestionian Project and then it struck me that was where the main theme from Signals (Orchestian Sketch) came from. So without hearing the song from PM Radio, I think pmradio is probally correct.
Sep 14 2015
at 2:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Hello - I believe the tune you are referring to is called "Signals (Orchestrion Sketch)" and is from the PM Unity Band recording from 2012. Here is more info about the recording: Enjoy!
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