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SUBJECT: Christian McBride & Inside Straight Back to Subjects
May 24 2011
at 10:59 PM
Last Friday I caught Christian McBride & Inside Straight at S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston IL. It was an incredible show and great band.Steve Wilson on alto & soprano sax, Carl Allen on drums, Warren Wolf on vibes and Christian Sands on piano. McBride introduced the band and said Sands had just graduated from The Manhattan School of Music the previous night. I talked to Sands after the show and his influences were all over the place, from Oscar Peterson to Sun Ra. McBride was incredible on upright bass.
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Tom Rudd
May 26 2011
at 10:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice! love Kind of Brown. One of the best jazz CD’s to come out in years. Christian quit playing so much in NYC and come to Boston!
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