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May 24 2011
at 5:23 PM
While listening to PM radio I heard a brief snippet of PM’s new version of "Cherish"-soon to appear on the new CD. Yes-the 1960’s Association tune! I have always thought "Cherish" contained some great chord changes and had a beautiful melody. I’m glad to see PM agrees-any thoughts?
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May 26 2011
at 1:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Great band, the Association. One of my faves was this b- side (I forget to which single) called Like Always. Check youtube. With one of the nicest bridges in pop history: “Girl let the world have my money I don’t care”. Unmistakable Beach Boys influences, fabulous harmonies. (The most impressive bridge to this date: Brian Wilson’s “You know it’s gonna make it that much better” on Wouldn’t It Be Nice).
peter london
May 26 2011
at 4:14 AM
Bookmark and Share One of the most beautiful pop songs of the 60s, yes great chord changes; dynamics; lyrics of impossible yearning. Thanks to Terry Kirkman the composer from the Association.
May 25 2011
at 4:49 PM
Bookmark and Share I always liked this song
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