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SUBJECT: Pat’s Detroit mystery guitar Back to Subjects
Sep 08 2015
at 8:34 PM
At the Detroit Jazz Festival this last weekend, Pat used a new-looking archtop electric with a wooden bridge, Charlie Christian-ish pickup, fancy inlays, figured maple body, and a tiny name on the headstock. Can anyone ID it? /55c2843b81fec20ce3d5208a939b3f34007cb985/c=0-0-1594-2125&r=537&c=0- 0-534-712/local/- /media/2015/04/28/DetroitFreePress/DetroitFreePress/635658296113013562- matheny.jpg
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Sep 09 2015
at 8:25 AM
Bookmark and Share It sure sounds different! I saw him play with Gary Burton on Saturday night (which was incredible). It looks like it has a single coil pickup instead of his usual humbucker.
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