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Sep 01 2015
at 1:34 PM
I have accidentally discovered the 1967 album and the 1969 sessions Sinatra and Jobim recorded back then, and it has become my favourite music of the summer. I knew a Sinatra cover of "The girl from Ipanema" which I found quite slow and a little boring, and because of that I didn’t credit him to sing Bossa Nova or brazilian music. Big mistake. His singing in these sessions is absolutely marvellous, "inigualable". And I think that maybe some big responsability on it belongs to Claus Ogerman, because I’ve found he is in some of my favourite music apart from Pat’s: George Benson’s "Breezin’", particularily his cover of "Affirmation", Jobim’s "Wave" and "The composer of desafinado plays", that album by Danilo Perez who recomended The Hague years ago "Across the crystal silence", and now this "Francis Albert Sinatara & Antonio Carlos Jobim". If anyone knows other masterpieces where he’s participated, I’ll be happy to hear. I’ve seen he’s worked with quite many greats, but I don’t know were to start, je, je. Saludos.
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Oct 06 2015
at 12:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi, Frank and Hague. Gate of Dreams also includes some Michael Brecker’s sax playing isn’t it? I’ll definitively check it. I’m recently appreciating Michael’s play much more than I used to. Thanks to both.
Oct 04 2015
at 2:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Antonete, find ’Gate of dreams’ and be in awe.
Sep 03 2015
at 10:59 AM
Bookmark and Share he has done some nice things with Micheal Brecker also
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