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May 07 2011
at 4:07 PM
I’m wondering how many other Garage people think this is one of Pat’s best compositions ever..for me, it’s certainly the standout piece on "Orchestrion." I’m not sure, but I can’t think of much else from his body of work that sounds like it.
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May 19 2011
at 4:45 PM
Bookmark and Share For me it’s one of best Metheny recordings, i loke to combine it with The Way Up and Marek Napiorkowski’s "Gotlandia" from Wolno album :)
May 13 2011
at 1:52 PM
Bookmark and Share It sure rewards repeated listening. And the forward motion of the piece is incredible. Just flying! I especially enjoy the drum parts - the bass drum kicks and cymbal grooves.
May 09 2011
at 1:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Amazing...I had a feeling.
May 09 2011
at 12:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes bluepno, like almost everything else, all from memory. And what a memory!
May 08 2011
at 8:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi "Pee Wee", I can’t say that it is my favorite Pat tune ever, but it is certainly my favorite on Orchestrion.
May 08 2011
at 6:39 PM
Bookmark and Share I like the whole complex 4th voicing thing going on in Expansion...It reminds me of a lot Michael Brecker’s and Steps Ahead’s influences. As a piano player I’m all over Soul Search. This one reminds me of Bill Evans Interplay based on the C- blues...Just some references for an "entry point".I love the whistling bottles when they come in on the various songs (this is the closest sound I’ve heard to those old glorious Oberheims of the 1970’s vintage).Ive got to ask one question before I see the video release of this. Did he play the live concerts from memory?
May 08 2011
at 9:47 AM
Bookmark and Share yeah i really dig that tune, the geometry of it in my head is like man its intense!!!
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