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Aug 12 2015
at 9:49 AM
Hope today is an AWESOME day for you. I’m sure the FB page is chock full of well wishes but I wanted to add some here as well. I’m a follower 20+ years, saw my first PMG concert in 1993 and was BLOWN away. Wish I could make it to Detroit Jazz Fest to see the FREE shows but don’t think I can make it. BEST WISHES!!
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Aug 16 2015
at 6:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Dear Pat, Your music, Your sweetest music is an important part of my life and of my soul... When You play with Pino Daniele I’m only a young student of Architecture and with Your music I drafted, all night long, for my college’s exams. When I listen, today, Your old tracks I can’t not associate them at one of more amazing period of my life! You are great Pat and I believe that behind Your awesome music there is God! That God bless You and Your musicians for all Your works! Have long life my friend and happy birthday from Naples! :)
Aug 14 2015
at 7:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat is ten days older than me but looks at least ten years younger. When I met him last year I reminded him that I first saw him at a small club in Evanston IL back in 1977 (approx.). I told him back then I had a lot more hair and it was darker. I told him he still looks the same. I think he still goes for a run before the show.
Aug 13 2015
at 5:55 PM
Bookmark and Share I will say Pat has taken good care of himself. Salutes Pat!
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