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May 02 2011
at 8:33 AM
Does anyone know the album Pat made with Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek. I’d love to know what you think of it.
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May 13 2011
at 2:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m a huge fan of this album, which introduced me to Anna’s music. There are two editions with different track listings (the original Polish album is listed as "AMJ+PM"; the recent international reissue is "PM+AMJ" The opening track of both editions is a traditional Polish song played on the Pikasso and for me is the highlight of the album. I saw her live in Poland with Richard Bona, Mino Cinelu and Dhafer Youssef a couple of years ago, which was a great show. Check out the album ID which they (and other names you will know) appear on, and the live album Jo & Co., partly recorded at the show I saw :)
May 09 2011
at 10:57 AM
Bookmark and Share I think it is a highly musical album. I am not really into vocalists but AMJ is absolutely hits the spot and they complement each other very well. I really can’t understand why anyone finds her voice dispassionate. She’s amazing and sensitive.
May 07 2011
at 6:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Overall I love this album. I listen to it quite a bit. I have to admit that The version of Follow Me does leave me feeling, HuH? The majority of the cd is very enjoyable and AYGWM version is a blood thumping blast.
May 05 2011
at 12:21 AM
Bookmark and Share I absolutely love this album; it’s such a beautiful collaboration and Anna Marie does have a softly haunting voice. Pat has a lot of fans in Poland and I’m sure he knew exactly how to arrange his style to sync with her vocals. I love to listen to this one when I’m quietly reflective.
May 04 2011
at 4:04 AM
Bookmark and Share There’s some good playing tucked away in the latter third of the album - the band are worth listening to for sure. But not convinced I’d cross the street to see AMJ. Not distinctive, not passionate, not memorable. Just clean, proficient and technical. Don’t know why Pat did this one. But then he has form working with blue-eyed songstresses (viz Silje collaboration). Obviously this vocal style interests him.
May 03 2011
at 4:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Honestly? Yeah! I like follow-me on this CD. I actually like the whole CD pretty much. I love their version of Are You Going With Me. This is probably my favorite on the CD.
May 03 2011
at 9:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Follow Me? Not so much...but the real gem of the record IMO is "Tell Her You Saw Me.."
May 03 2011
at 3:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Can anyone honestly say they like the version of Follow Me on this record?
May 02 2011
at 7:04 PM
Bookmark and Share man the version of areugoing with me with all the rythmic stuff going on is incredible, i would like to know also if they have posters of her!!!
May 02 2011
at 1:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I really enjoy this one. Anna Maria does a fine Basia/Sade kind of thing...then this guitar player starts playing the solos and the songs just lift off.
May 02 2011
at 12:21 PM
Bookmark and Share titled Upojenie it is amazing
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