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Jul 21 2015
at 1:40 PM
from ECM website : John Taylor (1942-2015) The great British pianist John Taylor has died, aged 72. I loved his music eps. as a trio with Peter Erskine and a duo with Charlie Haden
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Dec 16 2015
at 8:10 AM
Bookmark and Share here is a YouTube link to a tribute to John from the Impossible Gentlemen
Jul 25 2015
at 1:06 PM
Bookmark and Share The French press says that John Taylor suffered a cardiac arrest on stage while performing the music from the film Alphaville with the Stephane Kerecki Quartet. The last I heard him was with a trio with hayden Chisholm and Matt Penmann. He had been a professor of jazz piano at Cologne Musikhochschule and influenced many musicians there.
Jul 25 2015
at 7:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Oh man, this is terrible. I’ve been a huge fan since I discovered him with on all of those Erskine trio records from the 90’s. His solo stuff is also pure genius. Check out Phases from 2009. What a loss, I really feel this one.
Jul 23 2015
at 5:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Very sad to hear this; I loved Taylor’s playing. Definitely the trios with Erskine and Danielsson, but also the group Azimuth with Kenny Wheeler and (ex-wife) Norma Winstone ... now, sadly, two thirds of that beautiful trio are gone.
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