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SUBJECT: Anyone going to Detroit Sept 4 ? Back to Subjects
Jul 06 2015
at 11:50 PM
Curious as to how many devout fans near or not so near Detroit will want to hear Pat’s music, pretty much the only chance in the USA to experience Pat in 2015.
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Sep 08 2015
at 9:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Made the trek up to Motown. First time attendee; I know where I will be next Labor Day. The folks in Detroit do a great job. Friday show with Kenny Garrett, Scott, Antonio was stellar. Such a unique experience to walk at night in an unfamiliar downtown to the stage and hear a familiar guitar echo off the high rises. The duet with Ron Carter is something I won’t forget. Missed Monday night tribute to Eberhard Weber. So much happened in three days...too many great artists to see them all. John Scofield interview was interesting. There is a recap in the Detroit Free Press which gives a good summary. Detroit has much to offer as a city. I’ll be back!
Sep 05 2015
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank, any chance of getting a few thoughts from any of the Pat gigs you saw/will be seeing? If you can, thanks and enjoy the shows (I wouldn’t forget Dave Douglas - Sunday...IMO)
Sep 03 2015
at 10:54 AM
Bookmark and Share here is link to a venue map plus schedule
Sep 02 2015
at 11:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank, Marc and others. ... Please report back on the whole event as much as you can. Most of us are in envy . Enjoy !!!
Sep 02 2015
at 5:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Burlington show was terrific. All three superlative musicians.
Sep 02 2015
at 12:18 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m also really looking forward to seeing Christian Scott play on Monday night. He has become one of my favorites over the last couple of years and I’ve never seen him play live, so I’m looking forward to that one as much as the Metheny shows during the festival.
Sep 02 2015
at 3:56 AM
Bookmark and Share I will be there all weekend, getting excited. I still can’t believe that Pat will perform every day. I am very proud that Pat chose Detroit since I have lived here my whole life and I am very proud of Pat for accepting the A.I.R of Detroit due to the amount of time it takes to coordinate this event. Thank you, Pat!!
Aug 24 2015
at 2:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I am already here (lucky me) and hope to see all 4 shows. Pat made a very cool commercial for the festival that has been getting some airplay on the local stations.
Aug 24 2015
at 9:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Will see him 3 days earlier in Burlington ON with my son - sold out show. Cant’ wait. Trio with Antonio and Scott Colley.
Aug 21 2015
at 12:44 PM
Bookmark and Share VIP give away ... good luck!
Jul 18 2015
at 3:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Shortly after they announced that Pat was the Artist-In-Residence I made reservations at the hotel in the center of the festival. I also signed up for a Detroit Jazz Festival sponsor which gets me into the reserved section at some of the stages. I plan to go to all four of Pat’s shows and already have looked at the rest of the schedule. Some overlap with bands so I can’t see everyone but still great because of all of Pat’s shows.
Jul 13 2015
at 8:00 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m thinking of pitching a tent. I hope to make all 4 four of his shows.
Jul 11 2015
at 1:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Yep, but I live in Detroit!
Jul 10 2015
at 10:55 AM
Bookmark and Share I live about 40 minutes from downtown so I’m sure I’ll make it down there at least one of the days. I’ll have to check the lineup again, but hopefully I can catch Pat playing with Gary Burton.
Jul 08 2015
at 3:56 PM
Bookmark and Share I wish.
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