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Jul 03 2015
at 4:22 PM
Stay tuned: this is what the ECM newsletter says: Stay tuned for further innovative releases in the 2nd half of this year, with highlights including Hommage à Eberhard Weber, featuring Pat Metheny, Jan Garbarek, Gary Burton and the SWR Big Band.
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Sep 21 2015
at 11:38 PM
Bookmark and Share The 30 minute suite "Hommage" is really special. Pat provides a perfect solo for the occasion. Can’t get that ethereal theme on fretless bass out of my head either. A very moving tribute.
Sep 16 2015
at 10:38 AM
Bookmark and Share you can also order this from this website in the store.
Sep 15 2015
at 10:22 AM
Bookmark and Share info for this is available on the ecm website
Aug 19 2015
at 2:49 AM
Bookmark and Share I attended this concert in Stuttgart. This 30 min. Suite of pat is sublime i can tell u. If this is on the cd would be fabulous!
Aug 11 2015
at 10:41 PM
Bookmark and Share iTunes has the Hommage à Eberhard Weber previews up today. Very moving, quiet, sublime.
Aug 04 2015
at 8:00 AM
Bookmark and Share According to ECM the cd will be published 9/11/2015. The core piece will be Hommage ( at more than 30 minutes length) by Pat together with the SWR Big Band. I do not think that Jan Garberek can be heard on this piece, but besides Pat other solists are Gary Burton and Scott Colley. Danny Gottlieb can be heard on the piece as well.
Chris Digger
Aug 02 2015
at 6:54 AM
Bookmark and Share I guess it is the live concert from Germany, Theaterhaus Stuttgart at the Eberhard Weber Jubilee.
Jul 27 2015
at 12:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat with Jan Garbarek - that is very interesting !
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