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Jun 17 2015
at 1:57 PM
Antonio has a new CD with three different trios. It is smokin’! One trio is with Brad Mehldau & Matt Brewer One with John Patitucci and Joe Lovano One with John Schofield & Christian McBride Also a new CD with Migration! The man is busy!
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Aug 29 2015
at 1:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Rob B. and others, Just saw Antonio and Migration at SF Jazz last weekend. It was in their smaller, more intimate Joe Henderson Lab, and Antonio’s personality really came through. He seemed totally relaxed and joked with the audience (of about 80) about when to applaud, etc. They ran through The Meridian Suite - very awesome intimate experience!
Rob B in CT
Jul 25 2015
at 12:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Mugsy: I’m glad you enjoyed Antonio’s interview at NYU. His personality really comes through on it. Other interviews at include talks with Chris Potter, John Scofield, Richard Bona, and John Abercrombie.
Jul 24 2015
at 6:49 AM
Bookmark and Share I have talked to a lot of drummers between sets at the Jazz Showcase and other Chicago venues. In my conversation with them about other drummers when I mention Antonio they all hold him in high regard. Another incredible young drummer who blows me away is Rudy Royston.
Jul 20 2015
at 2:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Rob B. for posting the NYU interview link. What a great interview! Antonio is so personable and casual about what he does so well. I really enjoyed it.
Jul 18 2015
at 8:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I was fortunate enough to be in Edinburgh 17 July 2015 for the day job (I was on the road) where I saw Antonio and Migration the opening night of Edinburgh Jazz Festival. They did the entire Meridian Suite and it was absolutely tremendous. Sanchez has to be one of the finest proponents on the kit. Simply so much great musical ideas and execution this musician possesses, as we all know here on this forum.
Rob B in CT
Jul 14 2015
at 11:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Here’s a link to a Q&A that Antonio did at NYU a few months ago. Entertaining and informative.
Jul 06 2015
at 4:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I like "The Meridian Suite" quite a bit. There’s a lot of nice female vocalese, and a steady backbone of rock in some passages. I also hear a good bit of "Kin"’s influence, for instance, one bass solo hearkens back to Ben’s playing on "On Day One." I think Antonio’s trio record, "Three Times Three," is pretty great too.
Jun 23 2015
at 8:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip! I like all his previous cds, but I didn’t know he had new stuff out. I bought both his new ones last night after reading this. Listened to The Meridian Suite all the way through. Sounds awesome.
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