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Jun 08 2015
at 7:57 AM
If you ever get the opportunity to hear Fred Simon live, do it. Last night he opened for the Larry Coryell Trio at S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston IL. He put on a great show playing piano and did a great job mixing up his set with originals, standards and reworked tunes. The audience really enjoyed the show and I am sure it was difficult trying to keep their attention while they were anticipating Larry Coryell ’s set. I tried to introduce myself but he had many friends there.
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Jul 12 2015
at 10:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey, Marc, thanks for asking. Nothing too high-profile until 8/5 (Martyrs) & 8/7 (Wire) with Tributosaurus playing CSNY, a really great show if you dig CSNY ... and who doesn’t?! It’s my favorite group I’ve done with Tributosaurus, although there have been a lot of other great ones. I’ll look for you at TJ next time I stop in.
Jul 11 2015
at 10:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Fred : Any gigs in the Chicago area coming up. Stop in at Trader Joe’s in Evanston where I work. I’ll recognize you and a coworker knows you (Tom Handley).
Jun 19 2015
at 7:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, thanks very much for the kind words; I’m so glad you were there and that you dug it. (But disappointed we didn’t get to say hello ... next time please don’t give up!) It was really a great gig for me: excellent piano, freshly tuned, great sound, and very warm and enthusiastically receptive audience. And, actually, it wasn’t difficult at all to hold their attention ... felt more like a headliner than an opener. And Larry’s trio was stellar, as always. Thanks again!
Jun 12 2015
at 2:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Marc and I’m sure Fred puts on a great set. I’d love to see Fred play but unless he comes around the West Coast of Florida....It’s not likely I’ll be up in IL anytime soon.
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