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May 16 2015
at 6:17 AM
This kid is 10 years old from Bali. All I can say is........... WOW!
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Jan 14 2016
at 5:04 PM
Bookmark and Share I just copped my front row balcony seats to see him at the Berks Jazzfest in Reading in April. $40, a steal. Still seats remaining for those who care to come. Can’t wait
Jan 13 2016
at 6:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Freudian slip...haha....Coltrane’s "Giant Steps" of course!
Jan 07 2016
at 11:22 PM
Bookmark and Share The kid has a 10-minute youtube in-studio clip of Coltrane’s "Little Giant" with Grenadier and Owens (bass and drums) where his reaction at the end is so funny. I think he’s actually thinking, "We nailed that one!". Or maybe, "Homerun!". Heck, maybe he’s thinking, "Money!"
Dec 21 2015
at 1:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Nominated for a Grammy....he says he’s self taught....!
Tom Rudd
Jul 22 2015
at 7:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Listening to his new CD right now! Yes,Yes,Yes, truly gifted young man!~
Jul 02 2015
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Trust… I know I don’t get on here as much. So much going on in life. I am still playing, writing and recording in my little home studio. Something I’ll never give up until God says “it’s over”. I hope you’re well.
Jun 30 2015
at 2:05 AM
Bookmark and Share He just turned 12, but the track I heard sounded like the playing of an exceptional adult. Technical prodigies come along every few years, but Joey plays with depth, maturity, and an imaginative and advanced vocabulary that completely belie his lack of years. Yikes ... they’re coming to replace us!
Jun 22 2015
at 3:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Springing up like whole forms of natural selection indeed. I seem to recall seeing a youtube video once where Pat discussed his "homunculus." I imagine the interviewer or whoever came up with that premise. I admit having to google the word homunculus.
Jun 19 2015
at 11:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Foper, Man, long time since I talked you my friend. I hope all is well. I just watched Joey on a TED talk and was absolutely spellbound. Pat was a prodigy as well although he likely wont admit it. It is so good to see that the universe Loves Jazz. These miracles of music evolution spring up like whole forms of natural selection. As always, thanks for the post. Hope you are still playing and writing music. Thanks! Kevin
May 18 2015
at 2:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Foper, thanks for pointing him out. This kid has to be the all time prodigy of jazz, at 11 playing the Newport Jazz Festival. And make no mistake, if you close your eyes and listen, he ’s got incredible rhythm and chops !!
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